Sunday, January 19, 2014


After my contemplation a few weeks ago on what my New Years Resolution should be, I determined to closely follow this:  A House of Order, closely tied to my motto of Prepare Ye Every Needful Thing.  You can imagine my surprise when, at Ward Conference today, they announced the 2014 theme for our Stake: (as seen in the picture)

My eyeballs almost popped out of my head as our Stake Relief Society President announced the theme and read the accompanying scripture...which was precisely what I had chosen for my personal resolution this year three weeks ago.  What a testimony to...well, I don't know, myself maybe?  Just to know that I'm not way off in left field, and that I'm in tune enough to the Spirit to receive those promptings.  

I was so grateful for such a wonderful Stake Conference today.  It was just perfect.  Satan, as always was trying desperately that morning to keep us from going to church, but it seemed he was trying extra hard this morning, we were all stressed.  And I am so glad we fought the good fight and WENT!  Such wonderful topics, such hardworking, dedicated, spiritual leaders with hearts full of love and compassion.  An example to me of what I need to work harder to become.  I've felt prompted for a while to find a way to make temple visits a priority in our home, and we are still working out the details, but today's Stake Conference reinforced that prompting, and so many others.  I am so blessed.  So, so, SO incredibly blessed to have this Gospel in my life.  To know that while I am far from perfect, I can still receive promptings from the Spirit, those promptings are not just reserved for perfect people!  I am working hard this year to create a HOUSE OF ORDER, just as it needs to be, and while I'm sure the journey will have rough patches, I look forward to the harvest of our good intentions and efforts.

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