Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marin at 4 Years 8 Months

And here is my sweet Marin.  What a darling girl!

Here are a few of Marin's favorite things:

~Pink, purple and sparkles:  If it has any of these three things, she is all over it, such a GIRL!
~Mac and Cheese:  It's her all time favorite food, and she would eat it every day if I let her.
~Crafty stuff:  She loves making and creating new things and using all sorts of things in her creations.
~Being chased:  Ok, maybe this isn't exclusive to Marin, but if mommy or daddy or Owen is up for it, she will run and run and run!
~Stuffed animals:  These are her best buds, she loves her stuffed animals.  They line her bed and fill her little bin, they are everywhere.  She loves talking to them and she loves her little stuffed kitty.

A few more little tidbits about Marin:

~Marin is a jabberbox.  There are times when she will talk and talk and taaaaaalk our ears off!
~She still takes forever to eat her food.  I'm not sure if it's because she likes to talk so much, but it seems that she's always taken forever to eat.
~She carries her little purse with her pretty much everywhere.
~She can write her name and is learning to sound out words.
~She loves to help me in the kitchen and often suggests to make things, like pancakes or waffles or muffins...
~Marin has a sweet tooth like no other.  If it's candy, she'll beg you for it!
~She surprises us with hugs and kisses, and thanks me for "making a wonderful dinner".  She's so sweet!

I love my sweet Marin, she is so thoughtful and is very attentive to other people's needs.  It amazes me how intuitive she is, and how much she truly wants to help.  We love having Marin as our girl!

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