Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Family Photos

My super sweet mother in law just posted these photos on her wall on FB...and gently reminded me that they were up for know...for *blogging* use!  I was anxious for them anyway, not only is her camera MUCH better than mine, but I was slacking a little in the photographer department that Sunday, so she really saved the day!

My handsome boys.  Man alive, are they good looking or what?!
 Kristoffer's mother's mom, Alfhild and the kids.

A family shot, and it's as good as it gets with a tired little Owen!

Love my Kristoffer.

Le sigh. 

Trine and Barry.  So happy to have a great family!

Owen with straw in his hair, little rascal!  I love his little freckles, they just put his handsome face over the top.

My lovely girl.  Her BEST shots are the ones that are completely candid, and she has no idea someone is snapping away.

She is hilariously curious!  This will make for some awkward conversations very soon...what am I saying, I've been cornered into a few already!

What does mommy do on Easter to prepare for guests?  She scrapes glittery glue off of her dining room table!

Someone has daddy's eyes.  Love my girl.

There's my brother in law, Justin blowing some bubbles.  He couldn't resist, in fact, he was begging all through dinner to blow bubbles...

His cutie daughter, Estelle.  She is such a sweet girl, and Owen LOVES her.  She is like, the equivalent of the babysitter that Owen would have a little boy crush on.

My super awesome sister in law, Melodie.  I love being with Melodie, she loves to laugh and it is infectious!!  I can't ever keep a straight face with this gorgeous gal around.

Three cheers for having a mother in law with a great camera who is willing/remembers to take pictures!!

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Christy Wheeler said...

What great photos! I think it is time we take some family photos around here too.