Monday, April 1, 2013

Growing Up

I have GOT to get myself back on this blogging train, yikes!  Life has been crazy, but we are alive and well, promise!! 
 So the other day as I was hanging up clothes in Owen's room, I watched my crazy little boy run in, with Marin hot on his heels, and vault himself (literally) head-over-heels over the side of his crib...all with a huge grin on his face and lots of laughter ensuing.  Of course, having a two year old boy, I thought nothing of this little gymnastic-spectacular that happens multiple times a day in our house, and I rolled my eyes and smiled and went back to hanging laundry; but I sighed a little sigh as I realized it was time for my little guy to graduate to a big boy bed. was time to make the switch and move my baby boy out of a crib and into the next phase of life.  While this isn't my first rodeo when it comes to making the switch, I'm still a mom, and I still feel the pangs of bittersweet nostalgia when my kids reach even the smallest of know, eating solid foods, taking first steps, first poo-poo in the potty, first somersault into their crib (wait...), and the big change to a toddler bed.  So I finished hanging the clothes and emotionally closed up the Owen-in-a-crib mommy book, a necessity really.  Kristoffer, being the ever-efficient hubby that he is, promptly went to storage to pick our toddler bed and assembled it that day.  I was a little worried about the "Hey look, no prison bars, so I'm gonna play with all my toys and and not take a nap!" attitude that usually accompanies the liberating transition to a less confining bed, but Owen has done GREAT.  

And here is his first nap in the big kid bed...and even rarer, a shot of him actually sleeping!!  I hardly EVER get a shot of him sleeping, so it was just adorable to see my little man all cuddly and warm in bed!
 Awwwww!  Love my little Owen.
 Oh yes, my Marin.  She helped me make some pineapple upside-down cake the other week...and insisted on licking the bowl....
 My cute girl, I just love her, she is so silly.
 We DID color eggs this year!  Grandma Owens sent some egg coloring kits home with me when I was in NY, and Marin was all about it...Owen, not so much.  Not interactive enough for him I guess.  But he stuck around!

 Aaaand we went to Home Depot Saturday morning just for fun...more on this later.  Anyway, they had some riding lawn mowers parked out front and Owen needed no instruction; he was on that mower in two seconds flat.  That boy...if there ever was a definition of a little boy, it's this kid.  All things with engines and wheels, dinosaurs, doggies, dirt, rocks, he loves it all. 
 Marin couldn't let Owen have all the fun!
 We may have had to pry his fingers from the steering wheel to get him off the tractor.
And you thought I was going to share the Home Depot thing at the end of the blog?  Haha, riiiiight.  ;)

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