Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a great Easter, it was honestly a great day.  I typically have a hard time when Easter is in March, because it just seems like Easter should be in April, and I'm not sure why I feel this way!  BUT, this year is the first year I have been grateful that Easter fell in March.  My dad is in a rehab center for physical therapy, and on the fifth Sunday of each month, the Cortland Ward in upstate NY (where I went when I was in nursing school) does a half hour service for some of the residents/patients there.  I used to go and after Kristoffer and I were married, we went together with other members who were able to participate.  So for Easter Sunday, my dad was able to attend a church service for the first time in almost three months and partake of the sacrament.  It was incredibly healing for him and spiritually strengthening.  My father relies very heavily on the guidance of the spirit, and being in the hospital for the last almost three months, has really deprived him of that necessity.  Easter Sunday was a great day for him and he was able to eat and drink water for the first time in DAYS.  I cannot tell you how happy I was that he had such a great day physically and spiritually.  So this year, I have learned to appreciate a March Easter.

A few little pictures of our Easter happenings...

Nothing is prettier than a bowl full of happy, colorful Easter eggs.

 The Easter Bunny found us! 
 Children make it so much fun, I loved watching their happy little faces....getting a picture of them was another story!
 Marin checking out the stash.
 Look, mama, look!!  I love hearing that :)

 Love my cute girl, I could barely get 2 seconds for a picture, she was so distracted!
 Owen got a flashlight, and he was a happy boy!

 Look at that cute boy!

 And what was our menu, you ask?  We hosted Easter dinner here at our house, and had a delicious spiral ham with apricot pineapple glaze, a traditional savory Italian Easter pie, homemade ricotta gnocchi with lemon thyme butter sauce, caprese salad, Italian spitzers and for dessert?  Italian cream cheese cake as you see below.  Everything was DYNAMITE and sooooooo good, I wish I could have stuffed myself even more!!  Oh, and the frosting on this cake...smooth as SILK my friends, and Kristoffer was actually snitching from the frosting bowl, and THAT says a LOT.
 These cute little fuzzy friends were in the bucket from grandad and Sallie and we've loved watching them hop all over the floor!
 Marin giving aunt Melodie a back massage.
 Did we play badminton on Easter, YES, I believe we DID!  Check out Justin's killer moves!
 Barry getting in the action.
 Estelle pulled Owen around in that wagon for so long, it was super cute.  And Marin hopped in and out and rode her bike and drew on the driveway, she had a blast just having people over.
Trine took some awesome pics of our family with her fancy camera (and in, fancier than my camera), and hopefully she'll share some with me so I can share them on the blog.  Hope your Easter was great!

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