Sunday, November 6, 2011

Marin's Testimony

Today was a lovely day. 

There was nothing extraordinary about our early start due to daylight savings time, although, it did make our morning much less rushed.  Huh, imagine that!  We walked into Sacrament Meeting and sat in the folding chairs in the back with the other stragglers tip-toeing (?) in.  Some weeks we get to sit in a pew.

As we listened to the other members bear their testimonies, I looked at my little Marin and asked her, "Marin, would like to go up to the front and tell everyone that you love Jesus?".

She peered at me with her bright blue eyes and enthusiastically responded "Yes!", in her sweet squeaky voice.  So I took her hand and we walked.  Normally, the walk to the rostrum is always full of self awareness and trepidation, and today was no exception.  I held the hand of an excited little girl who was trotting happily beside me, and while the walk seemed twice as long, perhaps it's because I was already choking back tears.

We arrived at the pulpit, I lifted her up to microphone and she bore her very simple and concise testimony:  "I love Jesus 'cuz he is my friend."

I coached her through a few more lines and then took my own turn.  I truly felt the Spirit and was so proud of my sweet daughter.  I am so happy she knows that Jesus is her friend, and I hope she will always remember that. 

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Scotty and Emi said...

That is completely adorable! I love little people testimonies!