Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In The Snow

A couple of weeks ago it snowed on a perfect Saturday morning, and while my husband may be a grown man, I saw a glimmer of boyhood in his ice blue eyes as he proudly looked out the window at the famous Salt Lake snow and loosed a small grin on his face.  I could tell he was just as excited as my little girl to go and play in it! 

Marin and Daddy, all ready to head out in the snow.

 We had about 4 inches!

 Those two, if they aren't peas in a pod....
 Daddy would make a snowball, and Marin would throw it at mama who was kneeling on the couch and taking pictures through the window.  Then I started to fall over on the couch when the snowball hit the window, she thought that mama was crazy funny!
 I *do* love my handsome hubs ;)

 More snowballs!
And, I do have to admit, the snow here in Salt Lake is about the fluffiest I've seen.  It is so dry and delicate and if 'soft' could have word, it would this snow.  As a rough-and-tough New York girl, I'm so used to wet and heavy snow, I was sure that was the only kind!  How wonderful to know that snow has a light and fluffy relative!