Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Family Updates

Haha, I'm SURE you are all super excited to read this post after a title like that, eh?  I just can't bring myself to download and edit pictures at this time of night.  "10:30 pm?!", you say?  Yes, I've two small children and it wears me OUT, phew!  So, here we go:

Kristoffer has a BIG test looming this Saturday, so PLEASE keep him in your prayers and thoughts.  He will sit for his series 7 exam which, in part, will allow him 1) to legally trade stocks/bonds and 2) to be more likely for hire at Zion's and unofficially 3) to spend more time with us....yeah.

He has been studying SO hard and has been so dilligent.  He's had less than half the time most people usually have to study for this test and has made monumental progress since he first started.  I can't tell you how very proud I am of him!  It's a 6 hour test, yikes!  He's had some encouraging news from his boss hinting at a hire after his internship ends and he passes his test, so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

I wish I had exciting news about myself.  Stay at home mom's rarely have excting news to share about themselves (truly).  It's always about the kids or the hubs.  The highlite of my day is going to the gym, and well, that just isn't encouraging anymore.  I had spent 3 months at the same weight, started working out, gained 6 pounds, then had lost 3, and now I'm up another 2.  So, whatever.  My clothes do fit a little better, so I'm toning up, but I feel like the weight is just redistributing...I would like it to distribute itself OFF my body.  My mother told me that losing weight would be harder after the second baby...she was right.  Why do mom's always have to be right?

Marin is a sweet little jabberbox.  She asks a million questions a day and is a happy girl.  We've been working on night training for a few weeks and she's been doing surpisingly well.  I limit liquids after 6pm and then I put her on her little potty before I go to be around 11.  She's been staying dry, so we are SO happy to only have ONE child in diapers, wohooo!  I relented and cut her hair the other day.  She had snipped her own hair about a month ago, plus she twirls her hair with her fingers on that same side, so it breaks and was a little shorter....she was looking a little scraggly, so she has a little bob now, and it really looks super cute.

Owen, oh he is a happy little guy.  He's army crawling *everywhere* and is really quite speedy.  He enjoys re-arranging my cookbooks, getting into the (clean) fireplace and turning up the volume dial for the speakers.  The last one is is favorite.  He crawls over there, and looks at me with his hand on the dial and GRINS ear to ear and squeels with anticipation as I call to him..."Buddyyyyy, what are you doing?".  He thinks it's quite the game.  Then he cranks it and thrills himself to alertness when he realizes how loud it is.  Silly boy.  Owen has been loving standing next to furniture and his play table, he's still a bit unsteady and needs help getting to the standing position, but it's good practice.  He loves eating cheerios and tasting whatever we're eating.  He smiles so much and I love his smiley face, it makes me soooo happy!

I hope to have some pictures....wait, I hope to have some *ambition* to download pictures here very soon.

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