Friday, September 30, 2011

New York Trip- Out and About!

One evening after dinner we decided to go get ice cream.  The ice cream was great, but it was cold and windy, and we all stood outside the little shack shivering while we ate our cold, cold ice cream. 

 My sister Tabitha and her Lydia.
 Grandpa gave Owen a little taste of his vanilla soft serve. 
 Marin frosting cookies with grandma, she had a great time.  Marin would spoon some frosting onto each cookie and grandma would spread it around.

 There's my little chef!  She loves all things culinary, sweet girl.
 Owen taking a little snooze on his belly on afternoon, with those fingers in his mouth, so cute!
 The day we took my sister to the aiport, we stopped for pizza at a local pizza place we've been going to for years.  There is nothing like NY style pizza!
 Mmmmm, white garlic pizza......
Marin playing with one of the cats.  She carried a string around the entire two weeks and LOVED playing with those kitties.  It was really cute to watch her.  And if she couldn't find the cats, she would walk around and say "Kiiiiittyyyyyyyy, come her kitty!".

 Grandpa rough-housing the kids.  Marin LOVED playing with grandpa.  They would have the best time together!  And Owen thought grandpa was pretty fun, too.

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