Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New York Trip- Family Dinner

Sunday we left church, ran home for a quick change of clothes and headed off to Grandma's for a very nostalgic dinner with family.  While the entire extended family wasn't there, it was wonderful that we were able to be be there together and laugh as a family.

Growing up, we would always meet at Grandma's for holidays, and, during the summer, utilize her very wonderful screen house.  We would all squeeze in there and share familiar food and laugh and just have such a good time together.  

So...here we go!

Ok, is there a cuter baby boy picture out there?  Oh...my...goodness.  My cousin Trevor sat Owen on his lap and flopped his hat onto his head.  *sigh*.
 My cousin Trevor's little girl, Capri who was almost 6 months, and our little Owen who just turned 7 months.  Saying hello!
 And the little girls with crazy uncle Bob.  We love Uncle Bob (story later)!  So, here we started with Marin and my sister's little girl, Lydia.
 Aaaand then we added in the babies.
 Take 3.
 Take 4.  We seem to be losing focus here.

 Take 5.
 Take 6.  Success!!  Bob asked how got roped into this, haha!
 Me, Grandma and Owen.
 a FOUR generation photo!  Virginia Owens, David Owens, Samantha Lyman, Marin and Owen Lyman.
 My cousin Trevor, his wife Megan and their 6 month old baby girl Capri.

Marin and Mama in the leaves.
 The house where I lived for a little over 3 years while I was in nursing school.  My grandfather Merlin Owens built this house, accompanying screen house, barn, tool shed and toy shed with his own two hands.
 The lovely little screen house that has housed our summer family get-togethers for years.
 And a family photo!  
Back Row:  (red hat) Uncle Brian, Jacob, cousin Carter, Matthew, cousin Trevor with Capri, Uncle Bob and Aunt Brenda.
Middle Row: Tabitha with Lydia, cousin Janelle, cousin Hunter
Bottom Row:  Samantha with Owen, Grandma Virgina, David with Marin, Alison.

So...Uncle Bob....growing up, we went camping every year in the Adirondacks, all together as a family.  Uncle Bob did my hair one year...to resemble Pippi Longstocking.  Um, yeah.  I had shellacked braids in my hair that curved for the sky.  
When I was in nursing school and almost done, he called and pretended he was from the state penitentiary stating he was reviewing my application and that they would love to hire me on to work with the inmates.  Oh that silly Uncle Bob, always looking for laugh.  Our family wouldn't be right without Bob!

And, in case you were wondering about the Owens family name and Owen my son, let me explain.  My maiden name is Owens.  When I was younger, and I read the Anne of Green Gables book series, the main character Anne named her son after her maiden name...a very common and traditional way to pay homage to the wife's maiden name and family back then.  I loved the idea and Kris and I both loved the name Owen anyway.  I love that I can give a wonderful, strong name to my son that carries so much meaning and gratitude.  I was very happy and proud to take my husband's last name when we were married and I wouldn't want it any other way, but I also loved that I could pass on a strong family name from my side of the family.  Hence, our little boy, Owen!

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