Monday, September 12, 2011

Gearing Up!!

I am super excited!  My mom is flying the kids and me out to New York for two weeks, wohooo!  Plus, my sister will be there with her little girl, so I am really stoked!  

We leave on Thursday and come back on the 28th.  It is slightly daunting to think of traveling ALONE with two children on a tight airplane for 6 hours...considering I've had to leave church early for the last two weeks because Owen can't sleep anywhere beside's his bed and becomes a loud boy-siren.  Hmmmm.  I'm hoping I can rely on a little Benadryl for help with that one.  However, I will not let that stop me from a wonderful 2 weeks with my family.  I know I have many willing hands to cuddle my little ones, so that will be nice.  Plus, it's nice to have my mommy around, it takes some pressure off of ME having to be a mommy.  I don't have to make dinner every night, sa-weeet!  

So wish me luck in my preparation, and if you have any good flight/travel tips, please share them by leaving them in the comments, I can always use the help!  And then wish me luck with the flight too, I'm bracing myself!


clarissa said...

How fun! I hope that you can get to their home with all the flooding!!! Tell your family hello for us.
I remember traveling with Abi from Colorado and she screamed all the way from Denver to Syracuse (on a red-eye flight)... not cool! I was told that apple juice helps babies, but have never tried it. I also wish I would have taken some formula just in case too because she wouldn't nurse. But I am no expert in plane travel... I won't do it alone, that's for sure! Enjoy every moment with your mom!

Tabitha said...

Good luck! So excited to see you! I'm hoping my flight goes better than I'm expecting as well ...