Sunday, July 10, 2011

Say What?

"Marin, did you get some new panties?"  I call from downstairs. 
Her response?  "Noooo, I got mine duck insteeeaad!".

And this is a classic Marin face.  She is just so sweet.  I caught her in a moment of complete surprise, before she realized I had the camera and had a chance to turn away.

 What a goofball she is, silly girl.
 Someone found my high heels!  And I didn't even have to tell her to pose...somehow she knew what to do on her own.
 So pretty, we had fun drawing on the sidewalk with chalk and blowing BIG bubbles!  I had to show her how to wave the wand "slooowly", and from then on she would gently twirl from side to side with the wand and repeat to herself:  "Sloooowly, slooowly...".
 On mommy and daddy's bed.  She has great pleasure in jumping on our bed...I warn her that if she keeps it up, mommy is going to jump on her bed.  She doesn't like that so much.  I do let her jump on her own bed, you're only a kid once right?  But our bed...not so much.  I have only a few things I try to keep 'kid-free', or at least 'minimally-damaged' and our bed ranks pretty high.
 Silly silly girl, hiding behind the pantry doors from her little brother.  She loved having the audience and Owen loved watch and was happy to oblige!
 On the swing, caught in a moment of contemplation.
 This is what dinner is like.  A pushed away plate of food and a very sad and pouty Marin.  Every night.  Unless of course we are having macaroni and cheese for dinner...which is rare.
 Getting all the brownie mix off of the whisk.
 She found those heels, again!  She has good taste, those are some of my favorite pumps, my purple Steve Maddens *sigh*...I remember buying shoes....
And Marin:
Favorite food:  Mac and Cheese
Favorite movie:  Tangled, Cars (yeah), Bug's Life, most Pixar fliks.
Stuffed animal:  Piggy
Favorite game:  Being chased
Favorite toys:  Anything involving food and cooking.  Always cooking us food, all the time, everywhere with whatever she has on hand...marbles, pennies, dimes, stickers, etc.
Favorite cereal:  Kix
Dislikes:  Lunchtime, Dinnertime, anything involving any type of food other than 'snacks'.  Most vegetables, being told what to do, being told 'no', being told to 'wait', any type of play that involves doing what anyone else wants.  Are you sensing a pattern here?

Marin is a wonderful little girl, and she keeps me on my toes.  I am certainly learning much from parenting a very stubborn and dramatic 2 year old first-child little girl.  My oh my how I am learning!  I do love it when she runs up to me and tackles my leg and says "I love you mommy" just makes my day.  And she is very watchful of her little brother, always helping with binkies and diapers and being my little gopher...we certainly wouldn't trade her!


Scotty & Emily said...

I LOVE IT!!! She is such a sweetheart! I wish we could just wisk (whisk???) over to your house for a playdate! She is such a sweetie pie. :)

I loved the likes and dislikes list!! And I LOVED the picture of Marin pouting at dinnertime. That is SO Scotty, ha ha ha ha!!! I do one kid-friendly meal (Tabitha and I were just talking about this!), then I do one "regular" meal. I've been telling Scott lately that when I was a kid, I didn't like some foods my mom would make either. I told him that I would pick out the parts I like, then I often would just go to bed hungry. :( lol I think he is resigned to one such an existance....

heather @ mrs. southern bride said...

She is adorable!! :) Thank you for your encouragement on my last post!