Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Packing Update...

I'm sure you can imagine that I have no pictures for you with THIS fancy title!  I figured I should give a quick update before we get to Utah.  Packing is going....surprisingly well!  We are so astounded at how smoothly everything is going.  I'm not sure what the difference is this time around, but it's been one of the most pleasant moves I've experienced, and that's saying something with two kids!

We have pretty much the entire upstairs packed in boxes and our suitcases packed for living out of for the next week (kids included).  The garage upper shelving is pulled down and boxed up and ready to go.  I have some friends coming over this afternoon to help with boxing up the kitchen and cleaning, so that should go pretty quick.  I know we'll still have the random boxes at the end that you toss odds and ends into, everyone has those...but things have been unusually organized and non-chaotic this week...weird! 

We've been able to get rid of a lot of stuff too, either donating to DI or selling on Craigslist.  We've sold the guest bed, the guest nightstands, a bunk bed we couldn't use, a bicycle, a dresser and mirror, a hammock, a dog pack, an air conditioner, AND my CAR!  And we're hoping to sell the TV we bought out here.  The TV is HUGE and weighs 216 pounds!  No WAY that thing would make it to Utah intact....and we really don't want to move it.  It's been very helpful to sell this stuff, we've been able to have cash for groceries and repairs, so helpful!

Thursday we pick up the truck at noon and pack it up that night, then we have the carpets cleaned Friday morning and have a walk through with our devil-property management company who have the WORST customer service EVER (but who's bitter), and are hoping to be on the road by 1pm Friday afternoon!

We are taking this trip with no expectations for early arrival.  I am NOT pushing it with a 3 year old and nursing baby...too much stress for me ;)  Hopefully we can roll into town by Sunday...?

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Valerie said...

No idea when you'll get this, but I wish you a super-hassle free trip! Since you'll be in Utah, maybe you can come to a blogger lunch or something sometime. :) If you want to actually meet some of us scary peeps in person.