Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Arrive and Conquer

We've arrived!  Sunday afternoon we rolled our groggy-selves into town and unloaded most of our 24 foot truck into a tiny yet lovely 2 bedroom house.  We've downsized as much as possible and have the rest of our belongings that we don't need locked away in a storage facility.  We've already unpacked quite a bit, but anyone that's unpacked knows you just keep going and going and going....boxes just don't seem to disappear!  Marin and Owen now share a room and are fortunately adjusting accordingly.  Owen eats around 8pm when we put the kids down, then I wake him up to eat at around11pm and Marin sleeps while I sit in the rocking chair with Owen, and then both kids wake up around 8:15ish.  Although...the last couple of days, we haven't been able to locate our door handle child locks, so Marin has climbed into bed with us at 7:15 or so. 

And our trip?  Surprisingly smooth, and as well tolerated as can be expected with 13 straight driving hours and 2 small car-seat bound children.  We bought a portable DVD player for Marin and headphones and (don't judge), put the extra screen up for Owen to see.  Marin was happy to watch movies all day, and Owen, well, it at least gave him something to glance at now and then.  We took the trip slowly and stayed in motels along the way.  What a relief to have family here to welcome us!  We're very grateful indeed that we all made it safely with no issues with the truck...Kristoffer especially!  Considering his last experience with a moving truck was enough to send anyone into the corner rocking in the fetal position, yuck!  I'll spare you the gory details, but lets just say it involved another 24 foot truck, a car trailer with car, one dog, one cat, breakdown x2 at 1am, scant cell phone service, sleeping in the truck, unloading and reloading a new truck, broken fuel gauge and an empty tank. This time around, it was verrra smooth ;) we are!  Kris ran into an old frat buddy here and is hoping to get an interview with his company here soon, but we will wait and see!


Tabitha said...

Glad you made it safely!! Praying for you to find your next step :)

clarissa said...

I thought you put "fat buddy" on that last sentence about Kris... I wonder how many other people thought that too. Anyway... Welcome to Utah!!! I would love to see you sometime soon! Good luck with everything and let me know if I can help you out.

Valerie said...

Welcome to Utah! Glad everything went well. Hope you get to work on the unpacking little by little while you're all adjusting to the new place.