Saturday, July 30, 2011

Feed The Moose!

Owen is a happy little guy.  I may have mentioned one or two or five hundred times already.  He just so chill and relaxed, it's a wonderful break compared to nearly-three-year-old-little-girl-DRAMA.  There is one thing Owen is pretty serious about, and food.  Owen came out hungry and puts his big sister to shame in the appetite department.  Hunger is really the only thing that drives him to frustration and crying.  Happy day when we started solids!  Owen was ready and hit the ground running with baby cereal and purees.  Just the other night, I had nursed him and sat down to eat dinner with the rest of the family, and as Kristoffer put food into his mouth, Owen (who was sitting on his lap), continued to get crankier and more upset.  We couldn't quite figure out what the problem was until Owen had finally had enough and reached his little hands up with an open mouth and grabbed at daddy's fork.  Still hungry?  Yeah, I think so.  So, even after a full nursing session of about 4-5oz, he pounded down 3/4 of a banana and about 2/3 cup of cereal.  Then, he was satisified.  Feed the moose!

Not sure how much the little guy weighs, but I'm guessing it's somewhere around 17+ pounds, he is one solid dude.

Owen started with some pureed pumpkin...I had some frozen from November and broke it out to use it up before we moved.

 Ready and raring to go!
 Ohhh, this is the face mommy gets when I don't get it in his mouth fast enough.
 A nice little faceplant into his butternut squash-banana.
 Thanks yummy!
 There's my sweet boy (excuse his tired eyes), so happy!
 And, the picture doesn't fit with the others, but it was too cute to leave out.  Owen has been a little rolling fool these last few days as he realizes his mobility.  He just about rolled himself under the couch tonight, silly boy. 
And, ya see those fingers he is sucking on?  Those are his chosen fingers...the first two on his right hand, he sucks on those fingers quite a bit, his own little pacifier.  No complaints here!  If he can self soothe...more power to him!

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Scotty and Emi said...

He is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!! I loved this post! (Jonathan put it up on the monitor to show the group. Wish you could be here <3 *hugs*)