Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Squishy Face, Happy Face

Since our camera has run away, I'm enlisting the help of my phone to get back on track with pictures and blogging!  We'll start with Owen.  Such a happy little guy, and he (like his big sister did) has the best cheeks ever for squishing, ah I just love squishing me some baby cheeks!  

All of these are so darned cute, I just can't pick a favorite.

 Awwwww!  He is so happy in the morning, I just can't stay grumpy for longer than 2 seconds after I see this happy face cooing at me from his basket.
 Love it!  I have this one set as my phone background.
 A BIG smile for daddy   : D
 What a handsome little buddy, we're fitting him into 6 and occasionally 9 month clothing right now, yikes, I'm running out of!
We are so happy Owen has joined our family, he is such a sweet little guy.  I never knew I could love another guy as much as I love my hubby, but Owen has proven me wrong.  He makes my heart so happy every day.  I'm spoiled with all his snuggles, oh, it's so wonderful to have a baby that loves to be snuggled.  I'm perhaps a bit more lenient with putting him to sleep...I should be laying down the law and putting him to bed awake so he can fall asleep on his own, but now that I realize how quickly this time will pass, I enjoy and snuggle every little moment I can.  He won't say no ;)

And can you believe...Owen is 12 weeks old today!!  Amazing!!  *Sigh*  From here on out, we're counting in months instead of weeks, how quickly it's going!

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David & Linda said...

He's fitting into 6-9 month clothing! Sheesh, his Mamma must be feeding him well :) The time sure does slip away too fast with little ones.