Monday, May 30, 2011

"Mommy, I want pretty hair like 'Punzel!"

*Sigh*  And so it begins.  We borrowed Tangled from a friend of ours since Marin watches it at her house on the day I work and we watched it everyday for 2 weeks.  This is really Marin's first exposure to princess-anything and she decided she really liked Rapunzels hair.  After requesting to wear her princess dress (Easter dress) one morning, she then requested to have hair done like " 'Punzel".  I then French braided a portion of her hair and she loved it.  She would then proceeded to tell me, her stuffed piggy and anyone else she saw that she had pretty hair like Rapunzel.  My french braiding skills are a tad rusty, and she has such fine hair, that it was a bit of a challenge, but nonetheless!  We triumphed! 

Last weekend at the creek throwing rocks with daddy.  This girl has quite the arm, her throw is pretty impressive for being 2&1/2!

 She picked some buttercups for me, and I asked if I could put them in her Rapunzel....of COURSE!

 Hey there happy fella!
 This boy almost ALWAYS has a smile on his face, what a happy guy.
 Hey there happy baby!
 I can't believe he is going on 4 months...just amazing!!
I love my beautiful family!  I have an incredible, loving husband...a sweet, chatty little girl and a happy smiley baby boy.  My days are full of laughs, tickles, tantrums, mac and cheese, baby drool, "Can I see your eyebrows mommy?", and little baby laughs.  The only adult conversation I have on many days is with my husband...I just about talk his ear off when he gets home from work!  I spend each day thinking about keeping both children fed and rested and then it's time to think about what to have for dinner.  I've given up on makeup most days and have relegated any weight loss to strict diet changes since my time to exercise is...nil.  But I leave my daughters bedroom at night and smile when she yells "I love you mommy, go niiiight!", it makes my heart happy.  And I get at least a hundred smiles from my sweet boy each day and sweet snuggles when he drifts off to sleep in my arms.  It's the hardest job I've ever done and has required me to sacrifice everything about myself and more, but somehow, I'm happier and more fulfilled.  I have so much love in my home, and I wouldn't trade it for all of the make-up and work out's in the world.

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Clarissa said...

Abi called Tangled "her" movie. She thinks that she needs braids every day too! Those girls would get along so well! I would love if you relocated here too! It would be so much fun!
This is the sweetest post ever! I so agree about the adult conversation and talking your husband's ear off! I do the same thing!
This is such a good post because I am on that "end of my rope" with patience due to pregnancy and you just brought back that "eternal" perspective that I needed to make it through... at least tonight! :) You inspire me... go you!