Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Park Pictures!

The weather has FINALLY been decent enough for us to brave going to the park just a block down the street.  I have felt just terrible not being able to take Marin outside, the little girl just has so much energy some days, she needs to run it off!  And, it's helping me to become acclimated to taking both children out of the house...don't's a new challenge when there's TWO instead of ONE!  

Little boy looks so pale...that's what you get when you're a winter baby in Oregon.  Hopefully the sunshine did his pasty skin some good, eh?

 Such a big girl!  She isn't a fan of the big girl swing though, I think she's a little afraid of falling.  She much prefers the baby swing, but she get's stuck every time we try to take her out. 
 Mommy hung some baby toys for me!  We finally busted out the bin of baby toys the other day, and Marin has been having a ball with all the 'new' toys in town, we've had to make sure she knows they are 'baby' toys, not her's.
 A mouthful of juice.

 Say "Happppyyyyyy!!!"
 Riding the duck, the sun was dead in her face, save for my shadow, so she looks a bit disgruntled.
I would have had a FABULOUS Cool-Foodie-Mama post for you, but alas, the pictures of my delicious Goat Cheese Tart were all on the camera, so you'll have to wait until I make something new.  Soon, my hungry friends, soon!

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