Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Kind of Wonderful

I have perfectly wonderful children.  Yes, it's true, I really do!  Granted, they are more work than anything elseI have ever done in my life, but it is certainly a labor of love.  I have been focusing lately on 'letting things go', and it has helped me to be a mother of two, treMENdously.  Instead of getting so uptight and worked up over temper tantrums and a house that's less than clean with no time to clean it, I just...let it go.  It makes my life SOOOO much easier and happier!  A clean house will come and go, as will laundry, temper tantrums, refuse-to-eat-lunch-days, opportunities to love my children, make crafts and cookies with my daughter and storytime.  It will all come and go, you just have to decide which ones you will let..go.  I am far from perfect in this department, believe ME!  It's always a work in progress, but I find my days are happier when I don't stress about getting a TON of things done every day.  I have children, that just doesn't happen anymore.  I have been relegated to the 'slow-lane' on the highway of daily accomplishments, and for someone who is used to driving in the fast lane, that's a hard transition!  So here are more pictures of my lovely babies:

Marin looking at my birthday cake the other week.  She and daddy made it for me, so sweet :)
 Say :Haappppyyyy!
 Marin loves all things sweet, what kid doesn't?!
 Awww, Marin's birthday card to mama.
 Owen has to be one of the happiest babies I know, he is just a smiley face ALL the time, such a sweet little guy, I just love him!
 Just look at my handsome little buddy, I could snuggle this boy all day....well, I do, and I LOVE IT!
 This is an egg.

Wait, how do you open this thing again?
 Oh, yes, the craccking part, that's what I'm forgetting!
My sister in law Austin gave me some great advice about having two kids:  At 3 months it get's easier, at 6 months it's a relief, and at 12 months, it's a piece of cake.  So far, how true this is!  Things are so much more organized now, and perhaps some of it is a having a baby that's a bit older, but the I think much of it is having come out of those first 3 months of 'baby boot camp', alive!  Everyone is struggling those first 12 weeks for sleep and peace and order...after 12 weeks, you have just enough experience under your belt to not be freked out every morning that you have to do it all over again.


Scotty & Emily said...

YES! I have arrived to "sage mother!" Now if only I could follow my own advice, ha ha ha

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

Happy birthday!!! :D Glad you are letting things go... I think that could be applied to many things in my own life!

Tabitha said...

You have a smart sister-in-law. And a smart sister, too, if a little less "sage".