Thursday, May 26, 2011

Death to Lappy

In case you are wondering why on earth I just haven't been keeping up with blog posting, let me indulge (for myself mostly) momentarily.  Our main laptop has died.  Yes, it died.  We have a small notebook computer that has recently contracted some very serious hard drive ailments and allows me *maybe* 30 minutes of internet time before shutting down.   While we were able to back up all of our photos from the other computer, I haven't been able to load any new pics from our camera.  HOWEVER, the happy news amidst all of this is that today we received a very wonderful gift from the Fed-ex man....a NEW (to us) lappy from a generous family friend.  I have yet to experiment with it, but am very excited....hopefully I can get some new pics up very soon!


Scotty & Emily said...

YAY for new laptops!!! (They must really, really love your blog!) :D I can't wait for the ensuing photos and words! :D

Tabitha said...

So glad you were able to get a new computer! I don't think I could live without mine ;)