Friday, February 25, 2011

Falling in Love, All Over Again

*Sigh*.....I've fallen in love with another man.  Do you think my husband will mind?
I pondered, before Owen was born, how in world I was going to love another child as much as I love my little Marin.  Fortunately, God didn't put a cap on the amount of love we are able to give, and my little man has stolen my heart.  I'm learning that you love your children in very different ways.  I love both of my babies, but I love them differently and just as much as one another, and that's OK.  They are different little people to love!

My mom and dad were here and so wonderful to help out after Owen came home!  The biggest help was having them take care of Marin, particularly in the morning when Kris and I were dragging from all-nighters (2 nights).  And of course making dinner and just being here to celebrate in the joy of a new baby.  I'm growing to appreciate my parents more and more as I realize how much of a sacrifice raising kids can be!  

My dad with a happy little boy snuggled in for a nap.
 My dad again with Owen.
 On grandpa's lap (seeing a trend?) bright eyed and bushy tailed!
 A little snooze next to the fireplace.
 Hanging out with Great Grandma Lyman, Kristoffer's grandmother.  And...Owen is the first Lyman Great Grandson!  I realized this the other night, how wonderful.  There are 4 Great Granddaughters and Owen is boy #1!
 Marin snuggling with her little brother.  She loves him and is very gentle with him, such a good big sister.
 Awake time this morning, he was very interested in looking around, and in the book mommy put in front of him with all the colors.
 Already growing up on mama!
 And, Marin playing Hungry Hungry Hippo's with Grandpa and Grandad. 
*We have been spending this time together as a family and Kristoffer returned to work yesterday, I was so bummed to send him away!  We got used to having him around every day!  
*Marin has been adjusting, and although she has been having more "potty accidents", I anticipated this and while it's still frustrating, I understand that it's completely normal.
*Owen is....growing!  What a hungry little man he is!  I had heard that little boys have quite the appetite, and boy does he!  Birth weight:  8#5oz.  3 day checkup:  7#15oz.  1 week checkup:  8#8oz.  Haha, yeah, I know.  That little guy packed on half a pound in 4 days, crazy!  The doctor was so impressed with this and how well he was nursing already.  That's my son ;)
* knew it was coming.  Weight.  Well, I have lost 20 pounds since I had him almost 10 days ago, and I only have another 40 to, yeah.  Super.  Most of what's come off has been water weight, considering I lost 4 pounds overnight one day.  I'm hoping that nursing alone will take me down another 15-20 pounds, and then those last 20 I'll have to be pretty proactive about.

We have been so blessed with such wonderful family members and friends already who have been helping us, a HUGE THANK YOU to you all for your love and support, we truly appreciate you and your love!!


Heather said...

So wonderful to hear about your new little one! Glad that all is going so well for you, and I'm so glad your mom and dad could be there with you! Can't wait to meet Owen (love the name, btw) Love to all of you!

Laura Bayles said...

Congrats kristoffer and
Sam. little Owen looks like a keeper! we are happy for you. Aunt Lynette

Scotty & Emily said...

Awh!, Would you look at that gorgeous baby boy!! How could you NOT fall in love!! <3

Valerie said...

How adorable! Congrats to you and your family.

Mairi dhubh said...

Your "little man" is so beautiful! I love the pictures - especially the top one with your dad. I miss your parents a lot -they are so great! I am glad things are going so well for you. It's wonderful to be able to love more and more people!