Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We have some more exciting news here at the Lyman house! Marin did the BIG ROLL yesterday! From back to tummy! I was sooooo excited, and just wanted to run outside and tell everyone, but no one was outside :( We had been practicing her roll on the fouton, it's nice and soft and has a slant that's a bit easier to roll down, and she has been soo close to doing it on her own. I was watching Madelyn yesterday also, and she was sitting on my lap on the floor, and all of the sudden, Marin just flopped over! I ran to get the camera and took a pic before she rolled onto her back again.

Marin will be 6 months in just a couple of weeks, and I can't get over how quickly it's gone by. My little one is just growing like a weed, and before I know it, she'll be one! Anyway, when she turns 6 months, it will be time to start her on some real food. That will be fun :) I'm planning on grinding my own baby food, so I'll just do it in the food processor. I think we'll start with the ever popular banana and work our way up from there.

Tonight we are going to take miss monkey to the pool for the first time. They have a "therapy" pool at the YMCA that they do a water babies class in, but tonight it will be just Kris and baby and I. We picked up a bathing suit-like piece of apparel for her last night at Wal-Mart, and some of those water diaper things. I hope she likes it! We'll take some pics, so I guess you'll see.

Kris's job has been going well still. He was telling me at lunch today that with all of the appointments he has had, he's gotten quite a few applications. Applications are kind of how they measure how you're doing at the Univ. of Phoenix. He said that he actually got an e-mail from the regional manager telling him he was impressed at how well he was doing! He's kind of hoping that maybe if he continues to do this well, he can move into a position where he trains new employees, instead of being on the phone. He would do really well at that :) Once his 3 month trial period is over, he'll be able to start school again. If I haven't already mentioned, Kris will be going back to school for his MBA, and doing it conveniently (and cheaply!) through Univ. of Phoenix, just one perk of working for the company. So, things are going to start getting pretty busy here in another month or so. I'm not sure how well I'll do at having a husband I can't talk to in th other room doing schoolwork. I kinda like hanging out with him! One more test of patience for Samantha I guess.

Picture Time!

This is Marin, right after her first big roll! I had to snap the pic really quick, because she didnt stay on her belly for long.

After she flopped onto her belly again.
BIG blue eyes! She's such a hunny, and I love her shirt. Too bad it's almost too small for her.

Hey mama! Aren't you proud of me?
We picked up a cat bed for Sadie, in hopes of maybe localizing her fur shedding to one central area. Blech! Anyway, she seemed to love it! She crawled right in and curled up!

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