Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ahhh, the pictures decided to load today! Hooray! Well today is Tuesday and that means two babies. All is well, and as you can most likely guess, they are napping at the moment. Marin is having a sleepy, docile day today. All that learning and growing is really tiring!

I'm so excited for tomorrow! Kris is taking me out on our first real date in MONTHS! Since Marin was born at least! We are going to a seaside buffet and then to see a show called "Ka", it's by Cirque du Soleil, so it should be good, and one nice thing about living here in the city is that you can get a discount on show tickets :) We have Kris's friend Ryan and his fiancee Jamie (as of Christmas Day!) come and hang out at the house. Marin will already be in bed, so they just need to chill!

Today for lunch I made the most yummy in your tummy goodness! MMMMM! I just wiggle thinking about it! And. . .the best part. . . it was totally original and non inspired from any other recipe. I made some pesto using spinach, garlic, basil, sunflower seeds, olive oil and parmesean cheese. Then I made some risotto with some sauteed leeks and a splash of milk at the end to make it super creamy and delicious. I mixed the pesto and risotto together for a nice base for my fish, some flounder with olive oil, salt pepper, and red pepper flakes, baked until done. So I put some pesto risotto on the plate, and topped it with the fish, and then put some diced tomatoes on top, and it was soooooo good! I am very proud of myself for that recipe. And Kris liked it too, so that means I can make it again :)

Ok, NOW it's time for pictures:

Marin's first trip to the pool. She was more interested in chewing on her rubber block than anything else. Silly monkey!

Somemore chewing.

I was nervous the whole time she was in the pool. I guess I'm a nervous nelly like my dad. (you know you're a nervous nelly, dad)

A little pep talk before she hit the water.
This is such a good picture:)

Almost ready to get in!

This is the outfit that served as her bathing suit. It looked really cute.
Marin just looooves the kitty cat. She squeels every time she sees her.

This is the perfect picture. Marin has a happy smile on her face, and kitty cat is actually holding still! Just the cutest picture.

A closeup for her fans!

I hear a baby, have a good one!

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