Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Daily Grind

So hello all my extraordinary fans! This weekend has been good! Work on Friday and Saturday, church today, and family this evening. Last Sunday we started Marin on bananas, and she has been doing great. Thursday we started her on some carrots, and then this afternoon, she had a yam! She really looks forward to her food, she gets hungry, the poor little monkey! Breakfast is usually some cereal mixed with pureed banana, lunch is carrot or yam followed by milk, dinner is a little bit of everything: carrot, yam, and cereal. She just gobbles it right down! I wanted to make sure we had at least 3 days between new food tastings. I think maybe we'll do peas next, and then maybe try some pears. I want to do quite a few veggies in between fruits to make sure she likes them :) Anyway, wih all this new food tasting, there is quite a bit of food grinding going on at the Lyman house. I debated about whether or not to buy a little food grinder, but then I realized I could just use the mini cuisinart I had (courtesy of my great hubby for Christmas of 2007). So far it's worked GREAT! I never realized how much of a Do-it-yourself kinda girl I was, but I'm really seeing it come out now that I have a baby. I can grind up anything I want! I've found I just need to add some warm water to get it to grind up well. The carrots are a bit harder to get ito a smooth consistency, but I think the reason is because they aren't very starchy. The secret might be to mix them in with a veggie that IS starchy. So, I'll mix them in with peas once we try the peas.

Ahh work. Work is crazy busy. Lots and lots of people that need a good nurse, and too few nurses to be had. That's the song most hospitals sing I guess. I think I mentioned that I told my manager I would tackle the responsibility of heading the committee for policy review, and tonight I sat down to start and organize my thoughts. This is going to be a big job. I really am not sure what I'm doing, but, one step at a time right?

Today we had Ward Conference at church, and they talked a lot about food storage and money management. A good thing to talk about! I must say, having some food storage on hand when Kris lost his job was really a huge lifesaver. We really needed it and used most of it up, so now we are at the point where we need to start building it up again. I have to say, Sacrament meeting, the bishop talked about, in essence, making sure we realize how much we are blessed. I thought about how blessed I am to have the life I have. I have a place to live and a car to drive, food, clothes, nice things, an amazing husband who loves me to the ends of eternity (right back at you honey!) and a beautiful, healthy daughter who is just the light of my life. Even with the struggles we have, they are NOTHING compared to what some people have to face. We are indeed very blessed. :)

Kris is still plugging away at his job. He is doing great, but I joke with him that no one likes him at the office because he's showing them all up! Only partly true though. He says he's the quiet guy in the corner of the office that doesn't go out and party with everyone (as it should be! he's got a family!). School will start for Kris in April, and that will also be an adjustment. With his labor intensive calling as the Ward Employment Specialist, Kris is just going to be so busy. I do feel for him a bit, but this is good for him ;)

Ok, picture time!

Yeah, this is Marin after she has rolled all the way from her jungle gym, to the kitchen!
See how far she had to roll? She's so silly :)
She fond my purse the other day and just had a blast playing with the handles. Forget those silly toys!

Pretty cool stuff guys!

Tada! My little baby food freezing tray (1 of 2) with some ready to be frozen carrots.
Her face after her first bite of carrot. What is mama feeding you?

Ugh! Right after the spoon left her mouth. She likes them now though, it was just the first few bites.

Happy Girl!

Marin had decided to hold her friend, Madelyn's hand. It was cute.

Awwww. Such good friends.

Enjoy the day everyone!

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