Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Details

I can't let October blogging slip past me without reminiscing on General Conference.  I have grown to truly love General Conference for our Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Every April and October we listen to our Prophet, Apostles and General Authority speak to us and those talks fill my soul with light and wisdom.  As a child, I used to loathe it, because, let's face it, sitting and listening to old men and women for at least four hours on Saturday and four hours on Sunday was the pits.  Then I became indifferent to it as a young teenager...not really knowing what it meant for me, but feeling grateful that there were people who cared so much for , not even knowing me, that they spent hours in prayer seeking guidance for was a start.  Then as I entered my young single adult years, I found great power in my choice to be an adult and do adult like things, such as listen to General Conference.  I remember dutifully taking my pen to paper in my notebook and carefully noting the phrases that spoke to me and comparing them with my friends later that day.  It was a time of great blessings and burgeoning accountability.  Now, as a wife of nearly ten years and a mother to three, I absolutely CRAVE the time for General Conference.  I need not convince other mothers reading this that the days are spent in service and fulfillment of other's needs.  It is emotionally and spiritually exhausting, and physically draining.  My efforts to nourish my spirit are often interrupted by so many things.  When General Conference rolls around, I rarely have a chance to sit and take notes anymore, but I listen and ponder and, in the fall, I bake pies.....

One of the things I remember from growing up was a memory all wrapped in the booming voices of Conference, and the smell of apple pies, and the spirit of giving.  My father would bake apple pies in the kitchen of our 150 year old house and would crank the volume up through the speakers in our kitchen.  There he would quietly roll out pastry dough, peel and slice apples, mix the filling, and bake the pies, which were to be given away.  Every one.  I do not remember eating any apple pies, but I do remember the wooden counter filled with 8-10 pies of varying sizes, all ready to be delivered.  It's a memory I hold so near and dear, because in the two and a half years since he died, I am finding that those memories are all that I have to fill that gaping hole in my heart.  So I carry on the tradition, and for the past three years, I bake apple pies.

 The kids had some fun activity sheets for conference.  Marin was partial to the M&M bingo, while Owen kind of did a variation of it...mostly involving eating M&M's.
 Also, who doesn't love googly eyes on a cat?!
 Or on a little boy, for that matter.
 Marin had crazy hair day at school....and though I had plans to get up a little early and make it super duper extra didn't happen, so we did this instead...with some glittery hairspray.  Marin loved it!

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