Thursday, October 22, 2015

Black Island Farms...Twice!

Every fall, we try to head out to Black Island Farms.  Having little kids, we love this place because it's just a small little farm and not too big.  Plus, Cornbelly's is SO far away!  This year, I got to go twice, the first time as a family, and the second time with just Owen for his preschool class trip.

The three kidlets!

 What is going on here, who has my phone....?!
 The pig races!
 Marin got to be a helper.
 And I took Rosie on the cow train, haha!
 A little corn box.  So fun and relaxing.
 Going with just Owen was so nice.  I love having moments to spend one-on-one time with my kids.  It helps me to tune in just a little bit more.
 Me and my boy.  I love my Owen.  He makes me laugh every single day.  And I don't mean laughing out of love or happiness...he just says the funniest things without even meaning to.  Or he wil do something and giggle about it and it absolutely cracks me up.  I love that about him and I will cherish it forever.
 He picked out his perfect pumpkin.  The whole hayride as we drove to the field, we pretended that we were on a safari and seeing all sorts of different animals, and the pumpkins were orange flamingos!  He loved it!
 Someday he is going to be bigger than me, and someday his hand will be larger than mine.  But for now, he's still little and I want to remember.
So grateful for this moment.

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