Friday, October 30, 2015

Rosalie June, A First Birthday

When I think that a full year has gone by with this little gal, I'm so amazed!  It has felt like an eternity and has flown by all at the same time.  Those first three months were, well, pretty hellacious.  Before Rosalie, I'd been pretty lucky to have two very good little babies;  Marin was a dream once we figured out her schedule and stuck to it; and Owen was a dream as soon as my milk came in, so easygoing!  But oh my.  She was my colic baby, and it was so rough.  I really don't know when she slept for the first 12 fact, I really don't remember much of those first twelve weeks to be honest!  She was up pretty much ALL night long.  I would feed her and that would take 45 minutes, then spend another 45 minutes to and hour trying to get her to go to sleep, then I would get 15 minutes of sleep before she was ready for her next feeding.  Truth be told, there were some nights I hauled her little bassinet into the closet so she could scream and I could sleep for a few more minutes....and scream she would!  Phew, that girl had a set of pipes on her, and she was sooooo tenacious she would scream until you came to get her!  I am glad that part is done with, lol.

 Rosie has blossomed into such a darling girl, which is what I call her, my darlin' girl.  She is super sweet and she knows she is cute.  She is also very, very loyal; a trait that I am learning to embrace and wisely nurture for I know I will need it to work for my benefit in the future.  She loves her mama! way.  She will sound the alarm which is high pitched, shrill shrieks of dismay until mama or daddy come and save her.  Although, we have made HUGE strides with the girl at the kid watch at our gym.  She is in the baby section and we have now been able to physically pass her off to this cute's heaven!

 This is Rosalie's one year picture, and it totally captures her! I love this girl so much!

Rosie is incredibly expressive and it's fun to watch her face.
We celebrated with some cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy, and since Rosalie's birthday is in October, there was some Halloween flair to them.
My skinny little baby.  I haven't been able to get this girl beyond the 10th percentile for weight...EVER.  She eats like a little bird!
And she also eats in a very bird-like manner.  Not a big mess maker when it comes to food.
 My little collage of Rosalie.
 And the full year montage!  I had been taking a photo of her every month with the same blue bedspread behind her and the same little stuffed animal for size reference.  And here it is, all put together!  It's amazing how her ultrasound picture shows exactly what she looks like.

We are so grateful for sweet Rosalie.  She is indeed a little pistol, and requires some very patient parenting and gentle/firm guidance....more so than my other two, but her personality absolutely lights up a room and people just fall in love with her from afar...and I have a feeling that trait will stay with her forever.  Happiest Birthday, sweet Rosalie!

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