Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Time With My Family

This past Saturday, I took my girl on a little mini-date.  She had the option to either go to lunch at Olive Garden (her fave) OR go have frozen yogurt at Menchies.  She chose Menchies, so off we went.  She likes to choose things herself, so Menchies is a great place for that.  She has her choice of fro-yo flavors, and her choice of seemingly endless toppings.

 This girl was on total topping overload.  She had the most cock-a-mamey mix of toppings, it sounded so gross to me, but she loved it!
 The many faces of my girl, she totally cracks me up.  As for me, I had my little delightful little concoction, and I paid dearly for it about 2 hours later.  Yuck, I felt so gross...this pregnancy has me on my toes, I have to be so careful with what I eat, or my intestines go on *lock-DOWN*.  Either way, so glad I got to sepnd some mono-et-mono time with my sweet girl.
Mother's Day morning, we were invited out for breakfast with Kris's mom and sister and family.  This is Marin with her cute cousin, Estelle.  Estelle is a very welcome addition to the family, when Kris's sister, Melodie married her husband, Justin 18 months ago, he brought this cutie girl with him from a previous marriage.  Estelle and Marin are like two peas in a pod, they get along SO well.  They both want to be veterinarians when they grow up, how's that for being alike?
 My handsome boys.  Seriously, it's ridiculous how cute they are.  That guy on the right...YUM. ; )

 Melodie and Trine (Kris's sister and mom) and me.
My first real belly shot, at 18 weeks!  And my handsome little photo-bomber.  Look at that face, I can't be mad.  Aaand just ignore the nasty toothpaste on the mirror...#factsoflifepeople
 There we go.  I feel like my belly has really just popped out over the last week, it's cute and I love it.  My hubby loves it and that makes me smile.  As hard as it must be to deal with having a pregnant wife, he loves having a pregnant wife...and I kinda benefit from that, haha!  And yes, we still have paint cans laying around.  Our master bedroom/bathroom are so not done yet.
 This morning was so perfect for a walk at the park, and I was feeling pretty good, so I packed up Owen and we headed up the street.  I've been realizing with this my third pregnancy, that I need to be kind to my body.  And I mean eating good foods (because I *really* pay for it if I don't), and realizing I can't over-do it on my exercise.  With Owen, I was jogging until 20 weeks, and I really almost hurt myself...and I *still* gained 60 pounds...not the way to do it, people.  I think that maybe, this time around, I've finally figured it out...just be kind to my body.  Eat good foods, exercise at a pace that my body can handle, and rest when I need to rest.  So far, so good.  At 18 weeks, I'm up almost 9 pounds, so that's good news for me!
 My brown haired boy, he's so great.
 This park is just half a block up from our house, and it has a half mile walking trail and a quarter mile walking trail, a playground, open fields, covered benches, we just love where we live.  This park has been so perfect, and I've been able to go walking pretty frequently.
 Such a great space.  We live close to the air force base, so we are able to see the jets taking off, especially when we're at the park.  Every time I see those jets, I can't help but think of my dad, who was an electrical engineer and worked on engine pieces for some jets.

Thankfully, I think we're starting to welcome warm weather and actually breeze into spring, although Mother's Day was ridiculously cold, but it feels nice to be outside again. 


Colleen said...

So fun to have a one on one date with Marin! She's so cute! I love your little belly! That park sounds awesome! Way to treat your body good. :) (That sounds like a commercial.)

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Love the idea of a mini date. So sweet! :)