Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tidbits from May

We celebrated Kristoffer's Norwegian Bestemor's (grandmother) birthday a couple weeks ago.  The birthday party was hosted by his Aunt Siri in her brand new home which is gorgeous.  The meal was specifically requested by Bestemor, and included a clean-it-yourself fresh shrimp buffet, very Scandinavian.  Once you get the hang of cleaning and peeling the shrimp, it's not big deal, and it's such a fun, lingering dinner activity.  The kind of meal that lasts for a while because everyone is busy cleaning shrimp!  This is how it's all put together after you clean the shrimp, crusty bread, lettuce, shrimp, Norwegian mayo, fresh dill and lemon, YUM!

 Soooo, my rockstar hubby, he's so cool.  He started sanding our back deck this spring in preparation to re-paint.  The original paint was chipping terribly, and Kris was concerned that if he didn't get to the deck this season, the wood would rot.  I told him it would be *his* project.  Well, he started with the bottomg of the stairs, and they just literally started falling apart.  So unsafe!  So after some debating, he ripped them out himself, researched, built new risers himself, and assembled a brand new set of very rock-solid stairs.  Yeah, he's so awesome.  I don't know what I would do without him.  We'll get off as much paint as possible, and since the wood isn't in great condition, we're going to use this product called Rustoleum Restore to pretty much seal and coat the wood.  We'll two-tone it, using gray on the bottom and white on the side rails.  Crossing our fingers!
 Marin and Daddy playing cards the other morning, I think they were playing high-card-wins, she loves playing that game.

 And that's my baby belly.  20 weeks, people!  I can't believe I'm halfway already, that's just crazy to me.  Belly is growing and baby is getting bigger!  I can feel her little kicks are for sure way stronger than they were just two weeks ago.  She's been pretty quiet during this growth spurt, but every so often I'll feel her in there moving around.
I've been pretty tired the last couple of weeks, with an increased appetite, so that's good.  And by increased appetite, I mean not craving meat.  I know, strange.  Since I don't really want meat, I've been trying to drink more milk, eat more yogurt and cottage cheese.  I've already started having pelvic pain, right in that symphisis pubis area, those hormones are already relaxing things, yikes, I still have a ways to go!


georockman said...

I have never cleaned a shrimp before, that would be interesting! Looks yummy! What an awesome hubby to build you some new stairs, I'm sure they'll look awesome when they're done being two-toned. We've never done the high-card-wins thing, but I'm sure Alli would love it! I hear you with the pelvic pain! It started so much earlier with my 3rd. Your belly is so cute!

georockman said...

Sorry, I keep commenting when I'm logged in as my hubby, it's Colleen. :)