Thursday, May 1, 2014

And Now She's Thirty

It's true, friends.  I have crossed the threshold, and am now...thirty!  I've been enjoying my twenties for a full ten years, you know, the usual, but I've always kept a curious eye on that upcoming day, when 'thirty' would reach out it's hand, and pull me in to the next decade.  I was never quite sure how I would feel about turning thirty.  When I was working in NY as a nurse, I was best friends with a fellow nurse, JoAnn (I still love her, she is the best), and she is about 4 years my senior.  But I watched JoAnn, with literally the face of a teenager, kick and fight and cry when she turned thirty.  It absolutely consumed her!  She wanted to be forever young.  I can't blame her, youth in this day and age is everything, and if you ain't got it, you may as well crawl in a hole and die.  

To contrast this, I've watched my husband, also four years my senior turn thirty, and it was completely different.  Kristoffer just...shrugged it off!  He's always easy going anyway, but it didn't really phase him.  He took it with stride, and while getting older is always going to mean getting older, he just let it be and kept hi eyes open for the opportunities that only come to those in their thirties who are watching.  That's my husband.

So, I wanted to be like him.  I'm still a girl, and I still get sad leaving things behind, but I can at least have my little moment of nostalgia, take a deep breath and step forward.  My twenties have been great, truly.  My life is exactly what I've created it to be.  I've finished college, I have over ten years of experience as a nurse which puts me in a great position at work, I have a job I enjoy!  I'm married to my absolute best friend, for almost 8 years, he is still the person I'd rather spend time with than anyone else.  I have two absolutely beautiful children with him, children that are smart, capable, independent, learning, growing, respectful and kind, and we have a little bun in the oven coming our way this year.  We have lived in four different states and have made a myriad of friends all over.  Traveled to Europe, Scandinavia and the Bahamas.  I'm continuing to embrace a religion that gives me so much  peace and knowledge of life before earth, and life after.  My twenties...they've really been FULL of life, and I LOVE that.  

So now, I'm ready for my thirties.  I'm ready for what the next ten years brings.  And if it's half as wonderful as the last ten years, life will be great.  But I know that it will just be better...and why?  Because now, I have ten years of adult experience behind me.  I've got a little wind under my wings already.  I'm fully aware of what adult life can throw at me...aches, decreased metabolism (I could go without this one), mortgages, bills, little children to always put first, never any money, losing a parent, I could go on.  While I know there is always more to come, I've been through the first leg of it, and I know I can keep moving.  Heck, it's not so bad when your hubby is hot!

So let's talk about my actual birthday celebration!!  My hubby totally rocks, just so you know.  He's pretty awesome.  He wouldn't tell me at ALL, nothing, what he was planning.  I had requested the day off from work, and Kristoffer ended up not working either...which I think he planned anyway.  We started off the morning early with the kids.  We wanted to open presents with them before Marin went to school, and Marin had made me a birthday cake, so they sang me happy birthday that morning and I blew out candles...we did wait to eat the cake, though.

After Marin left, we made a quick trip to my new favorite Mexican joint to split a breakfast burrito for breakfast...a recent craving with this pregnancy, so GOOD!  After Marin came home from school, we tossed the kids in the car and drove them to GG's house (Kris's Grandmother).  THEN, we went for a flight lesson.  That's right, a thirty minute flight lesson.

 There is a place in Bountiful that does a great business of taking people up for thirty minutes in a little Cessna airplane and they let you steer the plane and do some tricks if you're up for it.
I was a little nervous, only because of my recent emergence from my first trimester, and while I was all for it, I was afraid my stomach was not going to be so chill.
 I did ok for the first half, then after a few strong wind gusts, I started feeling it.  Right at the mouth was filling with know what that means.  I kept telling myself to just keep swallowing, keep things moving in a downward direction!!!
 I was getting sweaty around my hairline and I kept repeating in my head "Don't be the first person to throw up in his plane!!!".  Luckily, we landed within minutes, sweet relief! 
 All in all, it was super fun, and I'm so grateful for a different experience!
Don't mind my Farrah Fawcett hair, this wind was giving it the up-and-away lift, making for totally 1970's pictures.
 That's the plane I flew!  Literally, a little tin can up in the air!
 After flying, we had a late lunch of Thai food, a walk around the park, and then went for a couples massage, which was fabulous.  My masseuse gave a prediction for the gender of the baby...we'll talk about that later.

THEN, we went for dinner at Brio with a few friends.  I love this place.  Way better than Cheesecake Factory, and way less crowded.  And then headed to Gourmandise for dessert with more friends.  It was a fabulous day with my hunny.  He spoiled me rotten, and we just had a blast being together.
My sweet girl made me a funfetti birthday cake with pink frosting and pink sprinkles.  She did a great job, such a sweetheart.
And as a final gift, Kristoffer gave me a pasta roller/cutter trio as an attachment for my Kitchen-Aid mixer.  I've wanted one for THE longest time, and now I have one!!
Today, I tried it out.  What a dream, seriously.  It was a thing of beauty.  So easy, so smooth, such perfect cuts.  There is *nothing* in the world like the taste/texture of fresh pasta noodles.  So happy!
So in short, it was a fabulous birthday, thanks to my fabulous husband!

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