Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Camping With Daddy

The other week, Kris had planned to take Owen on the Father/Son campout, but the location changed at the last minute, from a super cool spot, to a lame football field.  So, instead, my super awesome hubby took both kids our backyard.  It actually worked out really well, although, we don't have a good spot for a tent since all of our yard is slightly hilly.

The kids helped daddy nail in the spikes.
 They did such a great job helping.  And my husband is such a patient man.

 This boy was loving every minute.
 Call us crazy, but since we don't have a spot for a fire pit, we used this huge, ceramic flower pot for our fire.  It worked out beautifully.  Just big enough to call it a campfire and toast marshmallows, and all contained in a big pot, perfect.  We had plenty of wood from some old, dead stumps we ripped out of the back landscaping a few weeks ago.
 Daddy is a bit of a pyro.  The kids found sticks for their marshmallows, Owen was pro at roasting, a quick 5 second dunk in the flames and to him, his marshmallow was perfect, haha!
I had the best stick for toasting marshmallows, nice and green on the inside, and my marshmallows came out perfect, every time.

Of course, no one got any sleep that night, except for me...enjoying my nice, king sized bed all by myself.  The kids were up late, up early and up in between for potty breaks.  Fortunately, our walkout to the backyard is directly through Owen's room and right by the bathroom, so that made things super easy for camping with little kids. 

Kristoffer told me later that morning that Owen had woken him up saying "Daddy, daddy....wake up daddy....stop snoring, it's stinky!".  That totally cracked me up.  #kidsarebrutallyhonest

Since we enjoyed our ceramic pot fire so much, we are going to try to make it permanent thing, so we're going to rearrange some decorative stone around the house to make a little patio-ish extension....We'll see ;)

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georockman said...

So fun! I love that you made your own fireplace out of a flower pot. Can't wait to see if you make it permanent. :) Now I need a s'more!