Monday, May 6, 2013

The Last Twenty-Something

I had a birthday!  Did you know that?!  My happy little birthday on April 30th, and it was my last Twenty-Something birthday.  My next birthday will be the big 3-0, on the 30th (hey, what do you know!).  So how was it turning 29?  You know, there is almost a part of me mourning now instead of when the big 30 hits, almost like closing out a chapter in my life.  There were a lot of crazy things that happened these last 10 years!  Launching my nursing career, having awful dates as a single gal, being adventurous, signing up on E-Harmony and meeting my Kristoffer, marrying my Kristoffer, moving 5 times, having two babies, numerous church callings, up's and down's, here and there, EVERYWHERE!  It's been a crazy ride!  I have loved the last 9 years, so the final year of being Twenty Something, I'll make it good, and I'll make it happy and wonderful.  I want to move into thirty with a smile on my face and love in my heart.

But yeah, my was wonderful.  Full of so many little things that made me smile.  My hubby sent me for a haircut...which I always LOVE.  He also let me sleep in (double love).  Then, we went for breakfast at the Original Pancake House.  Oh how I love that place.  I had some southwestern eggs benedict (YUM), and Owen was being Mr. Silly at the restaurant.  I love that little guy.

 He loves snuggles with mama, and I can't say no.
 And then Marin and I made some cupcakes, here she is licking out the bowl...

 Marin had gone out with daddy the night before and picked out the cake and frosting herself...funfetti mix and pink lemonade frosting, such a girly girl, I love it!
 I invited some friends over last minute to help me celebrate my birthday dinner, considering Kris was at work.  I was making some chicken fettuccine alfredo, and I didn't want to celebrate alone!

And Owen got me a new turkey baster...he has had my old one since, oh my goodness, last year.  He likes to carry it around and pretend to hunt dinosaurs.  And Marin got me a new pepper grinder, a tiny little 4 inch one, and it's so cute!  I love that my family makes the day super special for me in little ways.

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Austie Bost said...

What a sweet birthday! I'm waiting to hear about your birthday date!!