Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Marvelousness

I am such a blessed mother, truly!  I have a great family.  My hubby loves me and my kids love me, UH man, I just think of how lucky I am.  I woke up to Marin and daddy bringing me a light breakfast in bed (since we were going to brunch later), so at 8am, I raised my heavy eyelids and propped myself up with pillows to sleepily eat my yogurt, fruit and jelly donut.  My sweet girl was so excited to give me her card from school, and my dark chocolate bar, she is such a precious girl!  And Owen, in an effort to say "Happy Mother's Day!", was instead shouting with jubilation "Happy Birthday, Mama!!!".  I love my babies.

We got all dressed up and went to brunch with Kristoffer's mom Trine, Barry, Melodie, and Justin.

Marin and Barry.

 This boy plowed through his scrambled eggs.  He *loves* scrambled eggs.
 A long shot of the family at The Pig and Jelly Jar.

Uncle Justin gave Marin a 'Charlotte Mustache'.  Charlotte is the super cute "family" least, everyone in the family loves her!

Our family!  Thanks to my friend, Claire, I'm sporting a new maxi skirt!  Such a great birthday present, I love it!

Here we all are!  Justin, Melodie, Marin, Trine, Barry, Samantha, Kristoffer, Owen.

We had such a great Sunday Brunch, and I am so grateful to have such a great mama-in-law.  She is so supportive and loving and willing to help.  Such a great motivator and the best babysitter!  We love Trine!!  Thank you for raising such a wonderful son and letting me be a part of the family, I wouldn't have my amazing hubby without her amazing mothering.

And, of course, I can't forget my hubby's gift to me for Mother's Day...a paint sprayer!!  I'm so excited!!  He also bought me a BUNCH of furniture projects from Deseret Industries, and a paint sprayer will be a HUGE help with those.  I've been bitten by the DIY home improvement bug, so I have *multiple* projects I am working on...just what I wanted...really!  Grateful for my hubby for treating me so well on Mother's Day!

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