Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dining Room Table

So, I wish I could include the chairs in this post, but things are getting a little busy as we are starting the moving process...so, no chairs right now!  BUT, I did want to post the re-do on our new dining room table.  I LOVE, with a capital 'L', the way this table turned out!!  Take a look at before:

The top was weathered and cracked poly, light finish, bottom a beautiful white/cream color.
 Aaaaand AFTER, TADA!!  Espresso stain with eggshell polyurethane, distressed frame.
I cannot tell you how over the moon in love I am with this project, it's by FAR my favorite one yet.  I knew I wanted to do a darker stain on the top, to showcase the gorgeous butcher block, so I hemmed and hawed over the right color stain, and this one is perfect (keep in mind I took this picture at 6:30am on my way out the door to work...so the sun was minimal).  My plan was to repaint the frame a similar white, so I busted out the sander to just break up the flaking paint a bit, and as I was sanding...I was liking the table more and more; there was a part of me that felt so *wrong* for liking a table as I was beating it up!  There was a layer of dark, aqua blue underneath, and it looked amazing.  I touched up the raw wood areas with stain.  Isn't she gorgeous?!  I love having a touch of real wood for a formal dining area, it just makes sense to me.  And the distress just puts this table up to number one for me!

So here's my plan for the chairs...stain the seats the same color as the table top, and paint the rest a gorgeous, soft mint green, and I'll accent the room (someday) with some peach/orange.  I'm not sure when I'll get to the chairs, but soon!  And then I can take a picture of everything all together.  I really need to start packing...

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