Sunday, May 12, 2013

For My Mother

This Mother's Day, I have to express the profound love and gratitude for my mother.  She has absolutely been such an incredible example and inspiration to me, especially during these last few months.  My mother throughout her life has selflessly given all that she had to her children and has taught us the things that we needed to know to be capable, independent and Christlike adults.  A perspective that I can only see now as I have been immersed in motherhood myself.

My mother has raised five, very loving and caring children, and while I know it was NEVER easy, she has loved us through the thickest and most irritating moments!

I know I've posted a few of these pictures before, but I see the mom I grew up with, and it makes me happy to remember that.  She still is there for all of us, and takes such great pride in all 6 (almost 7!) grandchildren.

 And during these last few months, and the months that are coming, as my father prepares for his final time on earth, I have watched my mother push her way through some of the strongest emotions any wife can feel as she watches her husband fade away, and try so diligently to make good decisions.  She has been a faithful and loving wife, and has tenderly guided her husband through these incredibly difficult and horrifically painful times.  She has set an example to me of charity, compassion and dedication that completely blows me away.  I have never known such strength in a woman.
I am so grateful to have a wonderful mother, and I am grateful for a father who, for all of these years, has taken care of my mother and loved her, and set the bar high.  Not all kids are lucky enough to have great parents, but somehow....I'm the lucky one.

One of the things I was able to take away from sacrament meeting today, is this:

The title of 'Mother' was bestowed upon Eve before she had born any children, for being a mother is more about giving life than it is about giving birth.

I love this.  I love that this phrase so succinctly describes the role of mother...a giver of life in SO many ways and SO many attitudes.  A reassurance that no matter who we are, or how many children we have, women have the incredible opportunity to give life to everyone, in all walks of life.  To mother those around us, and thereby give life where there may be none, or nurture life in need of sustenance.  To all of those amazing women out there...those who have given birth or ARE a mother.  You are women with a divine ability to mother and give life to the world and people around you.  Thank you to the mothers out there who are doing the great deed of changing the world for a better place, we need you!  We need ALL women to be the TRUE sense of the word, and this is how the world will change.

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