Monday, September 24, 2012

The Sugar Cookie and The Little Boy

One morning, while big sister was at school, mama gave her little boy a sugar cookie.

It was a soft, crumbly sugar cookie with light pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles.  It was beautiful.  The little boy sat on the big kitchen chair with his bare feet sticking straight out and nibbled his soft cookie.  He was happy, and mama relished his sweet smiles in the morning sun.

The sprinkles began to fall onto the table as the little boy nibbled his cookie, and mama began to empty the dishwasher and perform other household chores.  And the little boy enjoyed his cookie; and then...he found a new way to enjoy his cookie.  As any little boy knows, and as every mama clearly does *not* know, the delicious frosting from a soft sugar cookie is more thoroughly enjoyed when rubbed between the toes.

And so, mama returned to the kitchen after a short minute, and found her little boy scraping the light pink frosting from his soft sugar cookie and rubbing it between his wiggly little toes.  For what reason, his mama will never know, but she smiled and scooped up her little boy with the pink frosted toes and nuzzled and kissed his sticky neck all the way to the sink.  He was a cute, cuddly little boy with a light pink frosting on his face and in between his toes and rainbow sprinkles in his chubby hands.  And he was beautiful.


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