Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Hike

We totally hemmed and hawed about what to do with our Labor Day after a busy weekend, and we really just needed some family time, so we went to Snowbird and had ourselves a little hike and some lunch.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and the fresh air was just what the doctor ordered.

At the top of the mountain where the tram dropped us off...and where Kristoffer proposed to me over 6 years ago.  And here we are, 4 states and 2 kids later!
After lunch, getting ready to load little Owen in his carrier.  Owen LOVES his carrier.  He gets to be up high and see it all AND be right next to daddy, his favorite pal.  He is one happy boy.
 Marin also loved the same carrier when SHE was a little tyke, and she was hoping to sneak in without anyone noticing.  Owen was less than thrilled with big sister's plan and squawked at her until mommy booted her out.
It didn't take long for Owen to drift off to dreamland.
Um, gorgeous much!
Happy and TIRED girl.  I'll spare you the details of the this sweet girl on the hike back UP the mountain.
Headed back down on the tram.
Snowbird was hosting an Oktober-fest the same day, so we got Marin a little chocolate dipped German waffle.

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Valerie said...

I'm bummed I missed Oktober-fest. I was supposed to take my son who takes German in school and wanted to go. I never put the date on my calendar so I didn't realize it was going on already. :(

Looks like a really fun family day!