Sunday, September 16, 2012

Family Photo-shoot, September 2012

MY.  OH.  MY.
*Warning, these pictures may elicit cute and cuddly verbiage, and a strong desire to be adopted into our family.  These feelings are normal.  And we are not looking to adopt.*

Ok, in all seriousness, these pictures turned out GREAT with a capital G!  They are so, so, SO cute!  And I have to give credit to my friend and photographer, Jessica Johnson.  She lives in our ward, and we love hanging out with her and her hubby.  She did a fantastic job of catching the smiles on those kids before we even knew what happened.  It was a beautiful morning, and the park that we were in was a great place, even though they had football teams, track teams, soccer teams, AND a 5K walk going on at this same park that SAME day.  Neither Kris nor I had EVER seen Sugarhouse Park as packed to the gills as it was this past Saturday morning.

We had the usual morning RUSH to get ready.  I slept terribly the night before, so I iced my eyeballs and lathered on the concealer, thank goodness for modern marvels, eh?  The kids actually did really well.  After about 30 minutes, they were totally done.  Marin was ready to collect on her promise of a treat, and Owen was ready for a bottle of milk and a nap.  We made it!  And somehow I survived the pre-photo-shoot wardrobe trauma drama.  

So, without further ado, our little family.

Check out this Sister-Brother duo!
 Kristoffer and I with our crazy kidlets.
 I wanted Marin to have her own little piece of jewelry, so I magically found this necklace at Kohls for 85% off.  I got it for like, 8 or 10 dollars, and it has Swarovski crystals, so cute!
 Her pretty "sprinkle" shoes.
 Here we all are!
 Up close family shot.
 Look at this pretty girl, she is just adorable.

 Check out this handsome stud-muffin!  Wowza!
 Just Kristoffer and I.

 A precursor to the next picture...
 YUCK!  Check out that Marin face!

 Daddy and his little girl.
 I love the one above, she is such a cute girl.
 This is such a great candid.  We were swinging Owen in between pictures to keep him smiling.
 Daddy with the kids.
 No one likes dad around here, can you tell?
Mama and Owen.

 Happy boy.
 Marin and Mama, I LOVE this one.

 Daddy and his boy.  I love the candid look of sheer GLEE on Owen's face.
 My two handsome boys.
The end of the day!

We are SO grateful to Jess for doing this photo shoot for us.  We haven't really had such an official photo shoot, and this is such a blessing, to be able to document our family like this.  It was a lot of work to prepare for this as a mom, and a lot of work to pull it off during the shoot, but totally worth it.  Thanks, Jess!!!

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Rena said...

Such great pictures! you have a beautiful family!