Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A September Wedding

Kristoffer's gorgeous little sister (ok, so she's really 25) fell in love and married the love of her life this past Saturday.  Marin and I went to her bridal shower last Tuesday and we all attended the wedding on Saturday.  It was absolutely lovely.  The bride was stunning, the groom was handsome, the food was delicious, the music was intoxicating and the happy couple was deliriously happy.  It was so wonderful that we were able to participate in their happy day, and we wish them nothing but the best for the future.  They are honeymooning in Hawaii this week, and I would be lying if I told you I wasn't jealous at all.... ;)

The front table with pictures of the happy couple and page cards to sign for each family.  They put up their i-pad and had everyone take a picture in front of it to glue on their page card for their wedding guest book.  Such a cute idea!

 The reception was inside their home and was cozy and happy.
 The wooden stairs to the bottom lawn where they had the ceremony.
 GG and Marin.
 Hanging candles.
 Coming down the stairs together as single people for the last time.
 Taking their vows.
 Justin, the groom, has a daughter from a previous marriage named Estelle.  Marin loves Estelle (although Estelle is just shy of 8) and they are so so SO cute together.
Sharing little girl secrets.
 A very happy bride.
 The newly married couple!!  Melodie and Justin are just the perfect couple.
 Their little dog Charlotte took a seat on the train of Melodie's dress.
 First family photo.
 Owen, my sweet little buddy was just wiped out, and snuggle into his favorite pal for a rest.
It has not rained in Utah for the entire summer (just about), and it was scheduled to rain on the wedding day.  Of course!  Poor Melodie must have been beside herself worrying about it.  But the rain held off just long enough to finish the ceremony and take pictures, and then we had a soft rain-shower after we were inside and tucked away for our dinner.  Check out this gorgeous view from their balcony.  Absolutely stunning.
 It really was breathtaking.  A picture doesn't do justice.
 Marin and mama.  Not sure why my hair is so fluffy...
 I just couldn't stop taking pictures.
 Just imagine yourself here and take a deep breath of fresh, rain-y air!
 My cutie girl.
Cake cutting with Estelle.
 I loved the after-sunset remnants of wispy clouds, trailing the final drops of rain onto the city.
 A little string trio playing French bistro music all evening?  Yes, please!
 The dessert table.  Full of the most delicious treats known to women everywhere.  The classic wedding cake, a strawberry cake, a German chocolate cake, macaroons, pistachio tartlettes, coconut yummy bars (this is what I call them since I don't know the real name).  Let's just say I overspent my daily caloric budget just a touch for this table of goodies.

We spent the night at the house after the party; this way, we could put the kids to bed and keep partying!  We are so happy for the cute new couple, congrats Justin and Melodie!!

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