Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Want To Be Like You...

In our house, daddy has reached 'super-hero' status, at least in Owen's eyes.  Daddy is on the brain from the moment Owen wakes up in the morning until he snuggles with froggy for bedtime.  Owen LOVES his daddy.  Owen also loves shoes.  He is very good about getting his little shoes when it's time to go, and also enjoys following you around the house with your shoes....whenever.  So Owen combined his love of daddy and shoes, and tried on daddy's shoes the other day.  What a cute little fella, he melts my heart...even though mommy is chopped liver when daddy is home,  it's the way it was meant to be. 

 Someday all too soon, my sweet little Owen, you will fit into your daddy's shoes and it will break my heart and fill me joy all in the same moment.  What a bittersweet dichotomy motherhood is; full of insurmountable joy and heart wrenching sadness all in one.  I've been told to enjoy my children while they are young, and I can totally see why!
 My two handsome boys.  What a proud wife and mom I am.  I could change the world in every other way there is and find medals and trophys on my shelf, but I would never find the happiness in my heart and in the smile on my face as I do with my little family.

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