Monday, June 25, 2012

Owen, My Sweet Boy....

....Today, oh how do I describe today?  You've recently discovered how to climb, and this has opened up a whole new world to your innocent 16 months of experience.  Everything is fair game... the soft blue chair, the couch, the bed, and of course, the kitchen chairs.  They have been climbed and fallen off of more than once today, they have given you access to window looking, to curtain pulling, picture knocking, cookie grabbing, water spilling, spoon banging...all of the fun things any little boy would love.  In addition to this, you've sprayed the milk in your sippy cup all over the carpet, pulled the recyclables out of the bin and scattered them throughout the living room, reached a hand into big sister's not-so-empty potty chair, found the TV remote and played up/down volume, pulled my ziploc bags out of my kitchen drawers, pulled my kitchen utensils out of my kitchen drawers, attacked my potted poppies with a trowel, stolen big sister's stuffed animals much to her shrieking dismay and emptied my hair/makeup products from the bathroom drawer.  This amidst all of what mommy was trying to accomplish today: two loads of laundry, two batches of cookies, breakfast, mid-morning snacks, lunch, mid-afternoon snacks, making dinner, playing jungle, reading books, singing songs, not going crazy....the usual. 

 It's been a very challenging day my young sir, but in addition to all of these things, you've giggled when big sister dropped her toys to make you laugh, you've snuggled into me while I rocked you and hummed you a song as you drifted to sleep, you've reached your still chubby hands up to me to pick you up after you fell off the kitchen chair, you gave me big cheesy smiles as I was making dinner that made me smile, you squealed "DADA!!!" when daddy came home, and you let mama kiss and kiss and kiss your freshly bathed and lotioned face before I handed you off to daddy for your bottle and bed.

You are no other than my little Mr. Mischievous, but I couldn't be more in love you, my sweet boy.

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Don & Janie said...

Oh, Samantha, how I love to read your blog and get in on some of the joys and trials of being a parent. You are doing a great job, and I would love to meet those precious little ones. That blog re. Owen's antics today was especially heart-warming! Love, Aunt Janie