Monday, July 30, 2012

Reading and Room

I suppose this post is just a little catch-all for my random happenings, but they are things that make me happy none-the-less! 

I've been thinking about starting to incorporate family scripture reading into our day (vs. just Kris and I), and I realized that Marin was at a seemingly appropriate age.  Just about 4 years old seems just about right for attention span, comprehension, that sort of thing.  SO....since my sister and I went to the Distribution Center when she was here, and she picked up a copy of the illustrated children's book, Book of Mormon Stories, I've been salivating to get one for myself.  It was exactly what I wanted!

I'm *amazed*...hear me...*amazed* at how well Marin has responded to the stories.  I figured that we would read one story around the breakfast table in the morning, but we've been reading two to three stories together on the couch every day.  She actually really LIKES reading them!  It makes me happy as a mother, of course, and it totally brings back memories...I looked at the SAME book when I was a kid, and they haven't changed a bit!  So, check out the books, softcover, about 10 bucks for this one, I got it at Deseret Book, but I know they sell them at the Distribution Center.

 And, my "new" dining room.  Obviously it's not new, but it's a new-to-me space!  We were using it previously as a play area for the kids, with all of their toys stuffed over there, and big blue comfy chair.  It worked fine for that, but let me tell!  We've put the little pink kitchen set downstairs in Marin's room, and the other toys and books in Owen's room, and brought my lovely little  dining room table out of storage.  I LOVE having my table back again.  We had friends over for dinner on Sunday and it was absolutely perfect to have a proper dining table to sit at.  LOVE my table!
And, I picked up a few little finds at DI to make my own.  That black basket on the table was originally a regular old blah-basket until I spray painted it black, and now it's gorgeous.  And I found some icky picture frames and spray painted them gray, and now they are waiting for me to print off some pretty pictures to fill them.  Love that DI store.

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Scotty and Emi said...

I LOVE your table!!! And you two look like you had a GREAT time at Lagoon!