Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Love My Sister!

My one and only sister, Tabitha came into town the other week and we had fun fun fun together!  She came with her cute little Lydia-bug in tow and the kids had a playmate to entertain, and practice sharing skills with, haha!  And, count on me to be so enthralled with having my sister in town to completely forget my camera....everywhere!  Oh my, all of these pictures are courtesy of Tabitha's preparedness and her trusty camera.

Our first stop after picking Tabitha and Lydia was to stop at the goat farm for some goat milk for my little Owen.  And we couldn't get milk without saying 'hi' to the goats....and maybe offering them some tasty leaves to munch on.  The kids thought the teeny-tiny baby goats were the best.  They were such little goats, they couldn't even eat the leaves, they were that tiny!

There's that cute little Lydia.  She has the sweetest face with bright blue eyes and long curled dark lashes.  Her daddy had better watch out for them boys in a few years!
 Trying our hand with the BIG goats.

 We walked to the park and Owen immediately hi-tailed it to the steering wheel, he is all boy, this one is.
 Running and running around the playground.
 I can do this, I can do this!
 Hey, smiley boy!
 This little boy, he kept climbing on the bench; when he climbs on the chairs at home, I point my finger at him, and he thinks this is pretty silly, so lately, he's been pointing back at me.
 Crazy boy, he makes me smile.
 There's my sweet girl...headed down the slide with Lydia.

And then we also went to the zoo!  It was a HOT day, my-oh-my was it hot, phew!  We trudged through it and the kids, well, I think they enjoyed it!  We were all feeling the heat though, wowza.
 Sitting in the eagle's nest.
 Watching the sea lions.
 Owen and mommy.

 Here we all are!  On our way out.  I really do love the zoo, I just need to choose a cooler day.

I really am ashamed that I don't have more pictures to document on FUN-NESS, I like to think we were enjoying ourselves too much to bother with the camera!  Tabitha and her hubby (who flew in later) and Lydia went to their family reunion in Cedar City for a few days and then came back to finish the party at the Lyman house before heading home.  We were SO grateful to see them all, I miss seeing my sister, it always seems too long between visits.  Thanks for coming!!

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Mrs. Pedersen said...

Glad you enjoyed time with your sister! I love being with my siblings. :)