Thursday, April 5, 2012

Boy in a Box

I love my little guy.  Really and truly, he makes my heart melt...every day.  He is so easy to please and so HAPPY!  No girly-drama with this little dude, he is all smiles so long as he is fed and dry.  He loves the simple things...finding a racquet-ball and tossing it around just so he can chase after it himself...banging things on the floor, sitting in a makes him a happy boy, and I am not complaining!  I don't know how I landed such an 'easy' baby.  I'm literally waiting with much trepidation for the not-so-easy-baby to come along!

So, that's my little boy, sitting in a box, and loving it!  Such a sweet boy, we are so, so, SO happy he came to our family!

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