Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Walk on the Watery Side

We have a cute little park close to our house and it's been nice to take the kids after dinner when it's not quite as hot outside and Marin can run off that energy.  They had a part of the sidewalk trail that was built to be a little water walkway and it was so great!  The pictures were just lovely and Marin is such a water girl, it was great to let her walk in the water without having a death grip on her hand (come on, we're all parent's here).

We could even wheel the stroller across, perfect!

 She wanted daddy to get some leaves for her to float on the water.
 Tossing in her leaves.
 Sweet baby boy.  Such a happy fella, I just love my little guy.

 Tiny feet in the water!
 Looking at the water, mama!
 These front-lit shots are so pretty!
 I kept trying to get her to do some kind of pose...she totally had no idea what I was telling her.

 She DID understand when I told her to jump
 Such a silly girl.
Her birthday is coming up so soon, I can't believe my little girl is almost THREE!!!  When did THAT happen?! 


Scotty and Emi said...

Oh, oh, oh, CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! I LOVE three-year-olds!!!

Tabitha said...

I want a park like that near MY house! How awesome! And, those pictures are adorable.