Monday, August 22, 2011

Marin's Third Birthday Party!

Watch out, there are TONS of pictures, and, you'll have to excuse...there are so many pictures with me in them.  I was the assistant to the Birthday Girl, so, we were pretty 'tight' during the festivities.  So, get a load of our little THREE year old!!!

We decided to do the birthday cupcake/candle blowing at the beginning, that way, everyone could be there for the BIG moment.

 Blowing out those candles!
 I want to lick the candles, mama!

 Half of the crew at our sweet party in the park.
 Bestemor was our 'bartender', pouring everyone a pretty pink drink, thanks bestemor!
 So, I made Marin a sandwich (in this picture), and she had one bite.  The rest of the evening she consumed the frosting from two cupcakes and about four cups of pink drinkage.  Silly girl.
 Cousin Heidi!
Bestefor (?) Barry, Grandad, Aunt Siri and cousin Mattias.
 Oldemor and GiGi.  Our two resident great-grandma's!
 Going for the frosting on cupcake number two.  Aunt Melodie made those delectable beauties and boy were they amazing.  PERFECT , indescribable-buttery-sugary-white mounds of heaven topped with orange and pink frosting...DE-licious!  I am in line for her recipe!

 Owen was so good, despite being monumentally tired.  He hung in there, little trooper.
Present time!

Happy Bestemor!
Pillow pet, another friend to add to her growing collection of stuffed items on her bed!
Some gifts from Grandma and Grandpa in NY.  Wish we could have had them there too!

Daddy and Mommy got Marin a scooter for her birthday, hooray!  She needs some practice with pushing AND steering at the same time, but she's doing great.

Owen hanging out with grandad.
Look at that handsome mug, he is just so darned cute.
Heya handsome boy!

We could not be more grateful to everyone who came for such a fantastic birthday celebration.  It was absolutely perfect.  After we packed up and got in the car to go home that night, I was tearing up just thinking about all of the people who love us and our little family and who came to show us their love.  It really meant so much to us.  I think for me, as I remembered Marin's birthday last year and how alone we felt after our move to Oregon, this was just so nice.  And, even though not everyone could be there, we know you wanted to be with us!  Thanks for sending your love!!

And lastly, happy birthday to our sweet Marin.  You are so sweet and have such a precious little voice, so squeaky and lovable.  You are just a doll and we love the little person you are becoming.  You are the best big sister and you love your little brother and are always looking out for him.  Thanks for coming to our family and being the brave one to be the first!  Daddy and Mommy love you very much and we only want happy and wonderful things for you in this life and the eternities.  Love you sweet girl!


Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

Happy birthday to Marin! :)

Scotty and Emi said...

HOW. IS. IT. POSSIBLE. that she's already THREE. And who allowed this to HAPPEN. <3

Tabitha said...

Just loved those pictures! Cute cute kiddos :)

Ree-ch said...

Sorry we missed it, Norah always asks about Marin too.
Good to hear that you are doing so well, having family close by sure is nice. But we sure miss you guys and send our love. Happy B-day Marin. And congrats on your 5th year of marriage, one cute couple!