Sunday, August 7, 2011

Marin and the Donut

One evening, while out with daddy, Marin was promised a delicious treat for being such a good girl.  Mommy was not around to object, so Marin chose her delectable treat....a soft, freshly baked donut with delightful sky blue frosting and a few happy rainbow sprinkles to top it off.  Daddy was wise enough to bring the donut home intact, for Marin needed to eat her dinner first.  Eat she did and her donut was sliced into six perfet pieces.  And so began Marin's eating.

She carefully looked at her first slice, opened her mouth, and proceeded to eat the blue frosting off, discarding the remainder of the donut.

 This she did for every single slice of heavenly donut.
 Another piece finished, she places the remainder of the soft donut carcass on her plate, and moves on to the next one,
 Mmmmm, donut frosting.....
 Sleepy little brother looks on with much curiousness (I know)
 Being the hungry little boy that he is, he weeps after this sad donut massacre and cries for there is so much donut waste!  He creeps closer and when the moment is right, thrusts his inexperienced fists onto the plate, hoping to save even a small morsel.  But mommy intervenes, and the donut is lost to the mercy of big sister.
 And Marin...finished her frosting rampage and left the soft donut remains laying headless on her hot pink plate, awaiting a cruel burial in the garbage can next to the old strawberries Marin had half eaten the day before. 
And thus ends the story of Marin and her donut.

She really did enjoy her blue frosting on the donut though, such a funny girl.


Scotty and Emi said...

Oh my so cute! Emily eats frosting too... Jonathan's birthday cake? Yep, just the frosting!! That's okay with me... for I am more than happy to help Emi with her leftover cake. :) You are a very good girl throwing away the leftover doughnuts!!

Clarissa said...

Sounds like my child is normal! Abi eats the frosting off of everything. I think it is great that you documented it all. She will love hearing and seeing it when she is older.

Heather said...

Heck, I still do that (tho I take a little cake with my frosting!)