Monday, May 24, 2010

Pictures A' Plenty!

I have finally gotten myself around to getting a few things done around here....Phew!  I feel like I haven't been able to catch my breath since we got back from Europe and I have just been scrambling to keep my head above water! 

Today will be a nice day though.  Just my little Marin and me, go to the gym, lunch, nap, grocery shopping, dinner, DONE :)  I like those days! 

What has the Lyman family been up to you ask?  Haha, not too much I suppose.  Friday night we packed up to go camping, and believe it or not, landed the EXACT same camping lot we stayed in 18 months ago when Marin was just 6 or 8 weeks old!  CRAZY!  I started a fire and got to work with our tin foil dinners, and Kris putting up the tent.....but the wind had other plans.  It blew so hard, Kris had to lay on the tent to keep it from blowing away!  And Marin and I had to huddle with each other to keep the sand from blasting our faces and eyeballs.  Not the best experience....but, we ate our crunchy dinner. packed up and went home to get out of the wind.

Saturday was a little more successful.  We all slept in and went up to Mesquite to go swimming!  Marin was so excited the whole time, and we set one foot in the pool and was NOT a heated pool!  That makes such a difference I guess, it was FREEZING!  We did our swimming in the hot tub, and Kris and I took turns's really sad how pale we are for living in the sunniest place in the US.....

And......I FINALLY remembered to buy bottled water for our 72 Hour Kit!  Yay!  It's about freaking time, no?  I packed that up and we are on our way to being done!  GO TEAM!

I can barely believe it myself, but Kris will be graduating in less than 2 weeks!  I have no word to bold-a-cize that expresses my excitement in this matter.  And I can't tell you all how proud I am of my hubby.  He has not only worked hard to get his homework done, he has worked hard to get it done despite having a frustrated wife (I don't share well) and irresistible little baby girl to play with.  Good Job Babe!

Wednesday we embark on another journey....a trip to Portland!  Kris's aunt and her family live there and we will be staying there and enjoying all that Portland has to offer....I can't wait! 

Picture Time!  (the very top is the best piggy tail pic ever....she has such cute piggy tails!)

And, my bottled water.  I have found that it works well to pack everything in diaper boxes, it keeps things so well organized.

Want to learn how to make this?  Chicken Oriental Salad, a family favorite is a perfect, light and filling summer HERE!
Marin assisted me in the kitchen as I made a thank-you-cheesecake for a friend of Kris's.  No WAY she would let me rinse off the beater without getting ahold of it first.
Mmmmmm, it's pretty good, mom!
And take a gander at my hubby's marshmallows!  He is just so talented.  I will have to do a post on how to make them, because they are WORTH it!  And they roast....beautifully, I have never had a creamier marshmallow in my life!
Slicing them up!
Marin having taste of toasted marshmallow.


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