Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally Home!

Marin and I are finally home!  What a long journey, we are glad to be home and sleeping in our own beds.  Marin did beautifully on our flight home from Newark...I was glad, I sat next to a very tired looking couple who, when Marin and I took our seats on the plane, muttered something under their breath to one another and immediately popped some pills.  Mmmm, what a relief to not be living out of a suitcase anymore, too!

I have had such little opportunity to blog or do ANYTHING really since we have been home.  We got in Wednesday night, and I worked Thursday and Friday, and I reeeeeally struggled those days, I flopped into bed as soon as I got home!  Saturday was our first day together as a family and we took advantage of that!  We all slept in and had a nice breakfast, and headed out for a hike with the dog...can I say, it is really starting to get hot in Las Vegas now!  I had some last minute shopping to do, so Kris stayed home and did homework while Marin napped, and I came home and cooked dinner for ourselves, and two other families in just over and hour (with my hubby's help!).  Then I started in on picking up and sorting through mail and my YW lesson.  Phew, I am STILL not unpacked yet! 

Our next travel opportunity is coming up soon, we will all be heading for Portland in a few weeks!  Kris has an aunt and her family that live there, so we will be staying with them and checking out all that Portland has to offer.  I am very excited, our summer is just going to be full of fun things!

And FINALLY!  Check out the Paris Journal, I have uploaded my first entry and some pictures for you all to see, I will be loading my entries one at a time, so keep checking!

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