Thursday, October 1, 2009

One of those days

Yesterday I had kind of a full schedule, and for some reason, it was so hard to. . . just. . . get stuff done! You KNOW you've had those days! I bundled up Marin yesterday morning to take her for a long-hard walk (for my workout) and decided at the last minute to stop at an inactive neighbors house and ask if she wanted to come. She is almost ready to have her second baby and has a 2 year old little boy, her husband takes their only car to work and she has no option to drive anywhere, you get the picture. So we ended up just walking around the complex inside the gates and then I invited her in so the kids could play for a little bit. They ended up staying or an hour and a half! I don't think she wanted to go home, poor girl! So I was rushing to take a shower and get Marin ready and out the door quickly. We made it to DI (Deseret Industries) so I could grab some winter clothes for Marin for our NY trip and at the checkout, the nice but chatty checkout lady ended up unpacking the clothes 3 times because she couldn't figure out what she rung up, THEN she brought over an associate to help her and THEY proceeded to unpack the bags ANOTHER 3 times! Oh my gosh! I was in line for 20 minutes! About as long as I took to pick out the clothes. So I rushed to the car (I had somewhere to be by 4) and made a split second decision to turn left as I tried to beat the yellow light that put me on the wrong side of town and in the middle of every school zone with a 15 MPH cop-laden district on the East side. Ahhhh! Then of course I caught all of the red lights (a few of them twice) and called Kris in a panic because I didn't know where I was and how to get to Costco. Kris, having an internal compass, directed me to a familiar street, onto which I needed to turn right but caught it just as the oncoming traffic got the green....grrr. Well, I made it to Costco, flew to the back to grab a cake and running down the aisles to find the items on my coupon list and Kris called me and told me he was there too, for lunch! I never pass up an opportunity to see my hunny, but I was running waaaay late and while we dawdled in the store, I was getting more and more antsy and Marin was getting more and more anxious as she was about 45 minutes overdue for her bottle. Finally we checked out and headed to drop off the cake and ice cream and Marin is crying in the back because she's thirsty (I KNEW I should have brought a bottle!) and I'm still hitting the red lights. I was supposed to drop off the cake by 4, but I didn't make it until 5 if that tells you how late I was. But we made it home and Marin had her bottle and dinner and she was a happy girl. Phew!

I did get some of the cutest things for Marin though, I'll have to post some pics later. We got her a few pairs of footie pajamas, she was DESPERATELY in need of pajamas.

Ok, picture time!

I taught Marin how to say "Hiiii-YAA!" and karate chop her little block tower, it's pretty cute, so this top picture is the up swing. . .

"Hiiii-YA!" ....and this one is the downswing. She is so funny!

Marin with her shopping cart. She also has a bunch of stuffed veggies that she takes in and out of the cart.

Going shopping mama!

What's for dinner mommy? Can I have some yet?

Oh, another story. I have always made my bread on my Pampered Chef baking stone which I have had for. . . heck, six years! I LOVE my baking stone. Well, there was a little mis-hap in the kitchen (we won't say who was involved. . . . ) and my baking stone split in two. I was so sad! I have made so many loaves of bread on that stone, and it was dark and seasoned around the edges, I was very proud of that stone. Ahhh well, all good things must come to and end, right? Kris was a sweetie and got me a new one. It has A LOT of seasoning that needs to be done, it's pretty white.
My old friend, split right in two.

And my new albino friend, now with handles. I think I would have preferred one without, but I guess it's all that Pampered Chef has now. We have LOTS of baking to do!

Have a great day!

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